Data Protection People

Case Study

Find out about our clients experiences working with Data Protection People

Why Data Protection People

How can Data Protection People support your compliance goals?

The Problem

z reached out to Data Protection People in the early days of its establishment, they knew the GDPR was set to be implemented in 2018 and wanted to make sure they complied with the law, they utilised both our support desk service and our Outsourced DPO

Outsourced DPO

Our Data Protection experts come in to your organisation to highlight any areas that need attention.

Support Desk

Our support desk completes challenges raised by the DPO and helps clients comply with the UK GDPR

The Solution

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Oliver Rear was both personable and professional and pointed out areas that needed immediate attention

​The support desk helped with a number of different things and really helped us get everything in line, I find the support desk service to be invaluable, I can call them up with any challenge, no matter how complex and they always have the answer

The outcome

change to See what our client has to say

  • “I would highly recommend DPP and especially recommend utilising a combination of both the Support Desk and Outsourced DPO Service”

    Debbie Walters

    Intelligent Health

Data Protection in a single dashboard!

Products & Services

Support Desk

Our support desk responds to in-bound queries about data protection and information rights law, PCI DSS, ISO27001 and much more​

Outsourced DPO / Privacy Officer​

Engage our team of experienced privacy practitioners to help manage your compliance ​

SAR Bureau​

Offering a range of services to help reduce the cost of responding to subject access requests ​

Data Protection Compliance Audits​

A range of audits, assessments and reviews to test and report on data protection compliance​

Data Protection Consultancy​

Consultation on a range of data protection and privacy matters​


A range of services to assist with the management of compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard​


A range of services to assist with the management of compliance with ISO27001​

Information Governance Framework ​

Comprehensive suite of document templates for managing compliance with the PCI DSS, ISO27001, and data protection law​

Training and Awareness​

A range of training programs and materials in data protection law and compliance management, the PCI DSS and security awareness​


An enterprise-grade database system for managing compliance helping you move away from spreadsheets and forms​


Acting as a Data Protection Representative under Article 27 of the UK GDPR​

Information Security Services​

A range of services to assist with the management of compliance with information security standards​