My first week at Data Protection People

By Phil Brining

Liam Fitzpatrick started with Data Protection People on January 5th after finishing his Undergraduate degree in Law at the University of Warwick joining at an exciting time of business expansion on a rapid development program. (PB)

Even though I had written quite a few blog posts on the website in the lead up to my formal joining of the Data Protection people I was still eager to get properly stuck in with the proper business side of things once the New Year came in. And at Data Protection it’s easy to say that this was the case.
One of the reasons I decided to join the Data Protection People instead of a Graduate scheme run by a larger, more rigid corporation was for the increased responsibility that working in a smaller company would offer, especially in such a niche and specialist industry sector such as Data Protection. And right from the go I was in the company of two of the company’s senior and experienced Directors who were telling me about the history of the company, their aims going forward and what they wanted from me. A far cry from my friends from University who had gone to major corporations and been allowed to hide behind their PC monitors for weeks!
After signing my relevant paperwork and getting myself on the system, I was allowed to pick the brain of Phil Brining, our Senior Data Protection Consultant as regards any concerns or business practices and was given my extremely hectic travel schedule (With trips to Liverpool, Edinburgh and Devon all pencilled in for my first month). Before the end of my first day of work I was already being given the ins and outs on auditing and how to carry out client research.
By my second day I was already answering a client enquiry, searching through the legislation and ICO guidance and drawing up a report of my findings for the client to take in. I was also taught further intricacies of the role as Phil further supervised me as I carried out preparation for our client visits later in the month.
My final day (One of the benefits on joining in the New Year and getting a Bank holiday) of the week I was provided further training to get my teeth stuck into, as me and Phil discussed courses which could further my professional development which Data Protection People were keen on getting me involved with such as being put on courses to gain accreditation as an Auditor and as a privacy professional. The latter part of the day involved more client research alongside some operational planning of my resources, setting me up for the busy month on Britain’s roads and railways ahead. (LF)

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