LIBE paves the way for new DP law

By Phil Brining

Civil Liberties Euro MPs voted today in favour of reform to the data protection legislation in Europe. Read the official press release here

The new rules will bring about significant changes to most UK organisations. An official EU press conference is planned for 21st December. The new legislation is expected to be made into law by February 2016 and Member States have 2 years to implement in full the legislation. Some commentators are writing that the new law will take effect in 2017 : but it seems more likely to be 2018.

Everyone needs to start planning pretty much now. The changes are significant and need planning and implementing. The use of specialist consulting firms will avoid lengthy projects and costly delays. The new maximum fine is 4% of annual global turnover.


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We have been advising those people who have contacted us that they should make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) using this link  It would be helpful to the ICO if you knew the number that called you, the date and time of the call and what the call seemed to be about.

You might also want to register your phone number with the telephone preference service (TPS), a national suppression service which should cut down calls of this nature as it is not lawful to make unsolicited direct marketing calls to numbers registered on the TPS.  You can register your number here

We know that these kind of calls can be distressing and intrusive and you have our sympathy.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss it with us otherwise we’d encourage you to report it to the ICO as notifying them of this kind of practice enables them to investigate and take enforcement action where necessary.  You can see the action that has been taken by the ICO here

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