Data Protection Apprentice

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Job Opportunity – Data Protection Apprentice 

Job Title:             Data Protection Apprentice

Job Purpose:     To provide support to our consulting team whilst developing an understanding of data protection law and practice.

Reporting to:     Support Desk Manager

What does the job involve?

Handling support tickets

•  Logging, support tickets raised through email, web forms and telephone.
•  Reviewing support tickets as required and summarising the work required to complete support requests.
•  Undertaking research and/or other tasks as required to assist in the investigation of support requests.
•  Summarising research findings and applying them to support requests.
•  Preparing responses to support requests as required.
•  Reviewing, critically analysing and marking up/commenting on responses prepared by others.

Support desk admin

•  Assisting with the administration on the Support desk including for example:
•  Generating usage reports,
•  Setting up jobs,
•  Updating job/task white boards;
•  Reviewing resource library, managing content, producing templates when required
•  Booking meetings, controlling diaries, taking messages etc.
•  Maintenance of the support desk knowledge base and resources library

Supporting consultants

•  Supporting consultants with specific projects and tasks including for example:
•  Checking and writing policies and procedures
•  Reviewing subject access request information
•  Checking contractual agreements
•  Reviewing and writing privacy information
•  Creating audit checklists and supporting compliance checking
•  Preparing records of processing activities
•  Writing reports
•  Preparing training slides

Other duties

•  Any other reasonable duties required from time to time to assist in the development of the business and the support desk.
•  Continued professional development such as writing blogs and articles, and public speaking.