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Data Protection People are experiencing another period of growth after a successful year for the business. We pride ourselves on our people, they are what separated us from our competition, we hire people not only based on skill but also on their ability to communicate with our clients. Our mission is: Data Protection Made Easy. We believe one of the biggest strengths we have as a business is the ability to translate complex Data Protection law into something that’s easy to understand for all.

Data Protection People are one of the UK’s leading Data Protection Consultancies with client across a wide range of sectors. We provide a number of different Data Protection and Cyber Security services from handling our client’s complex SARs to providing a full audit and deep dive into our client’s processes and procedures.

What is it like working at Data Protection People?

Data Protection People has around 30 members of staff, some work remotely, and most work at our head office here in Leeds. We have a close-knit team of individuals with varying experiences, some members of our team have been working in Data Protection for over 15 years. Some are Law Graduates who were looking for an alternative opportunity after leaving university.

Quote from Myles Dacres, Digital Marketing Manager:

“I joined Data Protection People a little over two years ago, as a Business Development Consultant. After working in the role for 6 months I could see that Data Protection People was completely different on the inside compared to how they appeared on the exterior, the outward facing marketing focused on Data Protection and not on the People, but the People are what makes our business what it is and what separates us from our competition, we hire consultants with personality as well as skill and experience, we want to make communication with our team as engaging as possible as Data Protection can be a hard thing to discuss. Their mission statement was Data Protection Made Easy and that’s exactly what they do, they broke down complex Data Protection Laws, so it was easy for me to understand, and I was someone who previously had no Data Protection experience. I eventually started to work on promotional materials and events that would allow me to show the behind-the-scenes of our brilliant organisation. This quickly became a large part of my role and eventually, I made the switch to full-time marketing. This shows how DPP will allow you to lean into your strengths, if there is something you enjoy doing, they will find a way to allow you to do that more, they understand that if people enjoy their jobs they work harder, you don’t have to fit into a box. Shortly after moving into marketing, I created the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast, which quickly grew to become one of the UK’s biggest Data Protection Communities with over 1000 Subscribers who are all keen to listen to our consultants as they discuss key Data Protection challenges on our podcast. If you are looking for a role with flexibility, and an opportunity to grow, then DPP is a great place to work.”

What are the current opportunities:

Support Service Manager / Leeds Based / £28K – £50K

You will be responsible for the Data Protection Support Desk as well as our SAR Bureau. Our support desk has a brilliant team of individuals who support our clients with various Data Protection challenges, and our SAR Bureau is designed to provide an end-to-end service for Subject Access Requests.

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Support Desk Consultant / Leeds Based / £20K – £25K

As a GDPR Support Desk Consultant here at Data Protection People you will be part of a brilliant team of consultants, our current 4 person team handles a wide range of challenges, from Data Breaches to International Transfers, this role will come with development opportunities and there are many opportunities to progress throughout the organisation, the last member to leave our support desk managed to secure a high paying role after working on the support desk for two years thanks to the exposure to so many different industries and challenges.

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Data Protection Auditor / Leeds Based (Hybrid) / £20K – £40K

We are looking for an individual to join our brilliant team of Auditors, we have a wide range of clients in varying industries, from Healthcare to Education, you will evaluate their processes and procedures and help them to comply with the GDPR.

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Data Protection Recruitment  

Data Protection People will shortly be branching out and moving into the recruitment space, we regularly get approached to advertise Data Protection Roles and often get asked by people within our network if we know of any opportunities.

We pride ourselves on hiring top talent and we want to share that with our network, Data Protection People will now be looking to work with Candidates and Clients from a recruitment perspective, finding the best practitioners in each industry and seamlessly matching them with clients that suit their skill and persona.

We aim to hire not just on talent but on who will be a great cultural fit in your organisation, someone taking on the Data Protection responsibilities in your organisation is extremely important and you need to make sure you are hiring someone who can properly engage your workforce and take hold of your processes and procedures.

If you are on the lookout for a Data Protection Practitioner, whether that be an Information Governance Manager, Data Protection Officer or Data Protection Analyst, Data Protection Manager, Compliance Manager, or any of the other roles that have Data Protection or Cyber Security responsibilities, Data Protection People can help.

We have one of the UK’s largest networks of DPOs in a wide range of industries and at varying levels of experience, we aim to tap into our community to find candidates who share our values: Data Protection Made Easy, Easy To Do, Easy To Understand.

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