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Data Protection in the Non-Profit Sector

Myles Dacres

Join our hosts Jasmine Harrison, Joe Kirk and Phil Brining as they welcome special guest Rebecca Wells from Sustrans as we explore challenges within the charity sector.

Data Protection in the Non-Profit Sector

Data Protection in the Non-Profit Sector: Balancing Good Deeds with Good Practices

Are you a data protection professional working within the charity sector? Perhaps you’re a DPO at a non-profit organisation, or maybe your role involves handling sensitive data for a good cause. Here at Data Protection Made Easy, we understand the unique challenges charities face when it comes to balancing their mission of helping others with the need to protect individual privacy.

Join us for our first sector-specific episode of 2024 on Friday, June 21st, from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM BST.

We’ll be joined by Rebecca Wells, Data Protection and Information Governance Manager at Sustrans, a leading charity dedicated to creating healthier places and happier lives for everyone through walking, wheeling, and cycling.

Rebecca brings a wealth of experience working within the charity sector, and she’ll be sharing her insights on how to navigate the complexities of data protection in this unique environment. This interactive session, hosted by our team of experts, Jasmine, Joe, and Phil, is designed to be both informative and engaging.

Understanding the Balancing Act for Charities

Charities often work closely with individuals in difficult situations, and building trust is paramount. This session will explore the delicate balance between upholding data protection principles and effectively supporting vulnerable people. Learn how to ensure responsible data practices while still fulfilling your organisation’s mission.

For instance, charities may need to collect sensitive data from individuals in need of assistance. Data protection regulations require handling this data responsibly, but it’s also crucial to use the information effectively to deliver vital services. We’ll discuss strategies for striking this important balance.

Compliance Made Clear for Charities

The world of data protection regulations can be constantly evolving. We’ll discuss the specific challenges faced by charities, particularly smaller organisations, in meeting these ever-changing compliance expectations. Gain practical tips and guidance to ensure your charity is operating within the legal framework.

For example, smaller charities may not have the same level of resources as larger organisations for data protection compliance. We’ll explore strategies for overcoming these challenges and ensuring compliance even with limited resources.

Supporting DPO Wellbeing in Charities

Working as a DPO within the charity sector can be demanding. The session will delve into the specific challenges DPOs face, including workload, mental well-being, and handling sensitive data. We’ll explore strategies to ensure DPOs are adequately supported within their roles.

For instance, DPOs working with charities may be exposed to sensitive information about vulnerable individuals. We’ll discuss strategies for managing mental well-being and ensuring DPOs have the support they need to perform their important duties.

Even if you work outside the non-profit sector, this session offers valuable insights! Gain a deeper understanding of the human element of data protection and the challenges of balancing regulations with real-world needs in a resource-constrained environment. You’ll also learn practical tips that may be applicable to your own organisation’s data protection practices.

This session is a fantastic opportunity to learn from an expert, connect with your data protection community, and gain practical guidance for navigating the complexities of data protection in the charity sector.

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