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GDPR Consultancy

A range of high level reviews, detailed audits and mid-range assessments to test compliance with data protection laws and standards

Products & Services

GDPR Consultancy

Getting us to carry out an audit gives you peace of mind that an independent expert assessor has reviewed your arrangements. Our off the shelf audits cover:

Data processor due diligence

Undertaking supplier due diligence on behalf of clients including site and process inspection

DPIA as a service

Critical analysis of your DPIA or undertaking it on your behalf


Critical analysis of your RoPAs or compiling them on your behalf

Data Mapping

Undertaking a data mapping exercise on your behalf

Document review

Critical analysis of your documentation and its management and its adequacy to meet the requirements of data protection laws

Privacy Information review

Critical analysis of your privacy information and management and its adequacy to meet the requirements of data protection laws

AAD COP consultation

Consultancy around the Age Appropriate Design Code of Practice

Products & Services

Data Protection Consultancy

Each engagement varies from client to client depending on many factors. Our services are entirely tailored towards your needs, our engagement can be short or long and our role can be light touch or very hands-on. Each contract is, therefore, flexible and tailored to address your specific data protection requirements.

  • Enable your organisation to demonstrate compliance with evolving data protection laws

  • Provide you with visibility of the maturity of your compliance with evolving data protection laws

  • Demonstrate the risks associated with your processing of personal data and areas of weakness that could lead to breaches or compliance failure

  • Assist you to maintain data protection standards and demonstrate accountability

  • Contribute to the ongoing improvement of customer trust and levels of engagement

Products & Services

Why Choose Us?

DPP is a trusted advisor to many organisations both in the UK and elsewhere.  We have an excellent working knowledge of the UK GDPR and other privacy laws and a wealth of experience across a range of sectors.  You are unlikely to have a challenge or situation that we haven’t encountered and advised on before.

Products & Services

What Do We Offer?

Our range of GDPR Consultancy services includes interim DPO/privacy practitioner, outsourced DPO, project management, support for subject access requests (SARs), and a general help desk for DPOs and their teams.  We can advise on ANY aspect of the GDPR, Data Protection Act, PECR, and Freedom of Information Act. We are well known for our free, weekly webinars and data protection surgeries where we encourage participation from the attendees.

GDPR Consultancy

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We're are specialists in data privacy compliance management, information governance, and information security management. Through our security consulting services, we helping organisations across Europe to secure their most important asset – their data.

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