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GDPR Audits

A range of high level reviews, detailed audits and mid-range assessments to test compliance with data protection laws and standards

GDPR & Data Protection Audits

Areas of assistance

Getting us to carry out an audit gives you peace of mind that an independent expert assessor has reviewed your arrangements. Our off the shelf audits cover:

Data Protection Compliance Review

High level review of data protection compliance management arrangements.

GDPR benchmarking and gap analysis

Review of data protection compliance management arrangements and benchmark report (avge 4 to 5 days)

GDPR Audit

Detailed audit of data protection compliance management arrangements or parts thereof (min 3 days)

BS10012 Audit

Audit of compliance with British Standard BS10012 PIMMS

PECR Audit

Review and report of compliance with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (2003)

ISO27701 PIMMS Audit

Audit of compliance with ISO27701 PIMMS

Cyber Maturity Assessment

A gap analysis and risk assessment to answer questions surrounding your existing security program

Audit Framework

Click this tile and check out our auditing framework for GDPR compliance

PCI DSS Assessments

an audit for validating compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

Products & Services

Aims of data protection compliance audits

Our GDPR and data protection audits are designed to give you an independent assurance that your're meeting the requirements of the law. We've got a range of audits whose aims are: Independence, Expert, Flexible, Evidence-based, Useful, Actionable, Comprehensive and Repeatable/Comparable

  • Mechanisms for ensuring that information is obtained and processed fairly, lawfully and transparently.

  • Data quality assurance - ensuring that information is accurate, complete and up-to-date, adequate, relevant and not excessive.

  • Compliance with the data protection legislation in the context of other pieces of legislation such as the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.

  • Data minimization – ensuring that a minimum of data is collected and not retained any longer than is necessary.

  • Documentation on authorised use of systems, e.g. codes of practice, guidelines etc.

  • Compliance with individual’s rights, such as subject access requests.

Why Should You Audit?

The key reasons for carrying out data protection audit activities are:

  • To assess the level of compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018/GDPR;
  • To assess the level of compliance with the organisation’s own data protection system/arrangements;
  • To identify potential gaps and weaknesses in the data protection system/ arrangements;
  • To provide information for an on-going, monitoring and review of the data protection system and the
    management of data processing operations review;
  • To check that sufficient evidence is accumulating of compliance for accountability purposes

What Are The Benefits?

Organisations that undertake a compliance audit can expect to achieve a number of benefits including:

  • Facilitates compliance with the Data Protection Act;
  • Measures and helps improve compliance with the organisation’s data protection system;
  • Increases the level of data protection awareness among management and staff;
  • Provides information for data protection system review;
  • Improves customer satisfaction by reducing the likelihood of errors leading to a complaint.

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GDPR Audits

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