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Outsourced DPO Services

A data protection officer doesn't have to be a full time employee and in many respects it's better to have a company like DPP take on the role. Watch the video below to find out more about our outsourced DPO and privacy officer services or reach out and get in touch with us.

Outsourced DPO Services UK

Areas of Assistance

We have a range of Data Protection Officers (DPO) and Privacy Officer services to suit most needs but we can tailor something specific to you if we need to.

DPO Lite

Our outsourced DPO Lite service is a cost effective way of fulfiling your DPO obligations. Suitable for smaller organisations or those with simpler processing activities.

DPO for Schools

Ensures schools and academies comply with their statutory obligations in a cost-effective and meaningful way.

Group DPO Services

The DPO of DPOs - our Group DPO service provides senior leadership of your data protection governance regime.

DPO/Privacy Officer

Regular and systematic input from a senior privacy practitioner ensures you are able to demonstrate compliance.

Products & Services

Supporting DPOs, We can also support DPOs
with the following:

Our DPOs are experts in the field of data protection with a vast knowledge on all areas of the GDPR. But if you are an experienced Data Protection Officer you may want to have an experienced team to lean on every now and again.

Data Protection People work with organisations across all sectors meaning if you are dealing with a complex challenge, we have probably seen it before and can, at the very least, have a meaningful discussion about it or carry out research to test, analyse, document legal arguments to support your decisions.

We've even been known to provide a shoulder to cry on for DPOs!

  • Reviewing documentation (e.g. policies and procedures)attending client sites to monitoring work practice compliance.

  • Providing training/raising awareness about data protection issues/priorities.

  • Undertaking or advising on DPIAs, security incident investigations, or rights requests.

  • Advising on processor contracts and sharing agreements undertaking periodic compliance audits.

  • Submitting periodic compliance assurance reports to senior management.

  • Liaison with and representing the client to the ICO and data subjects.

  • Testing information security controls.

Core DPO Services

Why use our outsourced DPO Services?

A Data Protection Officer (DPO) must be impartial and independent. They need a vast range of experience of the law and the ability to implement practical solutions that are compliant but crucially are workable too. An outsourced DPO provides all of that and more. They are backed by a team of privacy practitioners. Absences are covered by equally well equipped colleagues.

They don’t get distracted by other tasks or projects, are not influenced by internal politics, maintain their knowledge bang up to date, and don’t give you a headache if they leave for another job.

Our Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) service is designed to satisfy an organisation’s legal responsibility to designate a DPO, whether that be mandatory or voluntary. Talk to us today and see how Data Protection People can fulfil your DPO responsibilities. If you are lawfully required to appoint a DPO, or choose to appoint one voluntarily – consider outsourcing a DPO.

Products & Services

Supporting DPOs

The DPO/PO role can be a lonely one so it is always nice to know that you have a team of like-minded privacy professionals you can lean on from time to time. Our services support the community of DPOs by providing advice and guidance, a forum to discuss solutions, advanced training, audits and assessments, document reviews, supplier due diligence, and more.

Think of us as your team in the background that you can rely on to watch your back and support your decisions.

Outsourced DPO Services

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If you would like to learn more about our outsourced DPO and Privacy Officer services reach out to one of our team and we can discuss the many ways we can support you.

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