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GDPR Support Desk

Our Support Desk is staffed by a team who specialise in solving problems and answering questions relating to data protection law and practice, the PCI DSS and cyber security. Listen to our House Consultant Oliver Rear explain the Support Desk:

DPP's Support Desk

Areas of assistance

The purpose of our support desk is to answer all of your GDPR, data protection and cyber security questions.

It's based in Yorkshire and staffed by a team of bright, intelligent, and experienced consultants who are likely to have already considered the conundrum you are chewing over.

You might want to sense check a point of law, find out how others have done things, or simply talk over your ideas with an independent and experienced practitioner to help crystalise your thinking. DPP's support desk is also there to take away some of the tasks that need doing: think of our support team as an extension of your support team.

Contract reviews

Review and suggest amendments to data sharing or processor agreements.

Due diligence

Carry out due diligence on suppliers.


Provide assistance in evaluating or managing personal data breaches.

DPIA review

Critically appraise Data Protection Impact Assessments carried out by your colleagues.

Data subject rights

Provide advice when data subjects exercise their rights (including DSARs) such as on applicable exemptions, refusing requests or charging fees.

Privacy notices

Provide an external assessment of privacy information to test that it is sufficiently transparent and compliant.

Products & Services

We also undertake:

Our Data Protection helpline deal with a wide range of challenges from reviewing cookies to helping you conduct legal research, we have experience across all sectors meaning if you are dealing with a complex challenge, we have probably seen it before.

  • PECR - advise and assist with ensuring compliant direct marketing campaigns.

  • Reviewing cookies – reviewing the use of cookies, pixels and the like including cookie banners, etc.

  • International transfers – help to ensure that any international transfers are compliant.

  • Third party communication - Liaise with the ICO and other regulatory or professional bodies on your behalf to ask the questions you don’t want to be seen to ask.

  • LIA review – critical analysis of legitimate interest assessments.

  • Lawfulness of processing special category data – assess and advise on the most appropriate lawful basis for processing special category data.

  • Legal research – undertaking legal research in response to ad-hoc queries or scenarios.

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GDPR Support Desk​

Our Support Desk is based in Leeds and staffed by a team who specialise in solving problems and answering questions relating to data protection law and practice, the PCI DSS and cyber security. Backed by an enterprise-grade ticketing system, you simply submit your question and sit back while it is logged, triaged, assigned, researched and responded to usually within
a few hours.​

Our support desk team is managed by our House Consultant: a senior professional with excellent insight and pragmatism. It’s geared up to address any query in the field of information rights law and standards including GDPR, UK GDPR, DPA18, PECR, FoIA, EIR, the PCI DSS, ISO27001, ISO27701, BS10012, and the NIS Regulations.

Most of our customers use our support desk for:​

  • Answers to technical questions (can we do this that, what does this mean, would this be compliant etc.), ​
  • Being your critical friend (e.g. reviewing and critiquing work that you have done or that of your colleagues),​
  • Asking the tough questions you don’t want to seen to be asking (e.g. of suppliers, colleagues or management).​

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Tap into our library of templates and resources

We have a huge library of document templates that we have created or accumulated over the years which might be just what you are looking for to incorporate into your governance framework.

We can advise on the different approaches we have seen implementing policies, processes and procedures. Hours of research, development and sense-checking can be circumvented with just one call to the support desk.

Lean on our experience to help you shape your framework to suit your environment.​

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Support Packages​

Whether it is high-level support for you as a data protection officer or general support for your operational team, we’re happy to provide whatever support package you need. We have customers who pre-buy 100 hours of support to be called off by their colleagues as and when required, and others who buy 10 hours to be used only by the DPO for sense-checking complex points of law. We’re even happy to provide support on an ad-hoc basis for particular one-off challenges. Our aim is to provide appropriate support at an affordable price that perfectly fits your needs.

Our packages can include support for the GDPR/UK GDPR, PECR and other information rights law; and/or the PCI DSS; and/or cyber security to be and ISO27001. You determine the scope of the service according to your needs. Most times, we are nominated as a preferred supplier so ensure seamless support when it is needed.

All of the time we spend on each support ticket is logged and you will receive a time-usage statement at the end of each month so you can check what kinds of topics were supported. This is really useful for tweaking your training and awareness internally. Contact us to find out if we can support your needs.

GDPR Support Desk

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