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Training and Awareness

Data Protection People have a wide range of training services catering for every need. Whether its general training for operational or admin staff or specific training for specialist roles, we have something for you. watch the short video below to meet the team and find out more about our training services.

Training and Awareness

Areas of assistance

We have a range of training available produced and delivered by our dedicated training department.

A lot of the training we do is bespoke and tailored to our clients: below is a selection of our standard training programs. Please reach out to us if you can't see what you are looking for.

An Introduction to Data Protection In The Workplace

30 minute self-access e-learning program with workbook on the basics of the GDPR and how it applies to your job in your organisation. Great for induction and refresher training and part of our e-learning series.

Certificate in GDPR Compliance Management

A 5-day all inclusive training bootcamp for new and aspiring DPO’s. Total imersion in the GDPR with like-minded professional.

Managing SARs and other GDPR rights requests

A 2-day training program on creating effective processes to ensure timely management of subject access requests. Delve into the exemptions. Review redaction techniques. Explore judgements on proportionality and the ICO's latest guidance.

Building and Maintaining RoPAs

A short course on how to build records of processing activities and keep them up to date.

Fantastic DPIAs: how to do effective and powerful data protection impact assessments

How to do effective and powerful data protection impact assessments.

Demystifying the Data Protection Act 2018

A short course to demystify the DPA18 and explore how it interacts and interoperates with the GDPR.

GDPR Accountability and record keeping

A short course on the accountability principle, principles of accountability, and the ICO's Accountability Framework. Practical tips and templates to help you ensure you can demonstrate compliance.

Information Security for DPOs

A short course on how to determine what is appropriate security and how to demonstrate a risk based approach. A must for non-technical privacy practitioners.

Toolbox Talks

Our top consultants produce videos tailored to our clients to assist with Data Protection Training and raising awareness.

Training and Awareness

You may be interested in

We have a team of trainers who are experts in the GDPR and its application. Data Protection People's mission is to make Data Protection Easy, easy to understand and easy to do. Reach out to us if you have a training need in our field of expertise.

  • Awareness Raising: to support the work we do we produce a range of awarenss raising materials including posters, mugs, apparel, bags, screen savers, mousemats, cartoons, quizes, competitions, and games. Challenge us to come up with something that engages your audience and ask to see the range of awareness raising tools we have developed.

  • Awareness Raising as a service: Rather than you having to come up with the ideas and execution of your awareness raising program, why not contract it out to us and we'll use our creativity and wealth of experience to do develop and implement a monthly program of GPDR and data protection awareness-raising activities to roll out into your workplace.

  • We provide e-learning, blended learning, remote learning via Teams, classroom learning and even residential learning. We have off-the shelf learning as well as bespoke programs.

  • Our trainers provide engaging and informative sessions that help your organisation get up to speed with the GDPR and related laws and standards.

Training and Awareness

Training the Privacy Professionals

Our Certificate in Data Protection Compliance Management is a comprehensive program exploring what is required to set up and manage systems and regimes for managing data protection compliance. This program is focused on understand Master Class Series.

In general these three focuses don’t work with the 8 boxes above. Maybe change the box colours to represent the Master Class Series, DataPro Training and E-Learning?

Training & Awareness

Master Class Series

Our Master Class Series runs across a range of topics and is focused on fine tuning your skills on the area in question.

Master Classes are available in over 20 different topics including:

  • Doing great data protection impact assessments,
  • Handling subject access requests(SARs),
  • Managing data processors,
  • Understanding the Privacy and Electronic CommunicationsRegulations
  • Working with the PCIDSS.Each Master Class is delivered by a specialist with a first-class understanding of the law and practical experience in its application.

Our Master Classes are hands-on and practical sessions, fun and interactive.

Training & Awareness

Induction and Refresher Training

All employees should be trained when they join your organisation and then receive refresher training at least annually.

The key to effective training at this level is applying it to your organisation. That way participants can relate to the content.

Our blended learning approach is unique and achieves a good balance between making the training tailored to your organisation and providing appropriate input at the right level about the law.

Training & Awareness


You can benefit from our Courseware only option as our materials are available to buy and tailor to use in your own sessions.

Training and Awareness

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