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Our mission is to make data protection and cyber security easy: easy to understand and easy to do. We do that through the mantra of benchmark, improve, maintain.

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Training & Awareness Services

Our Areas Of Assistance

We have a range of training available produced and delivered by our dedicated training department.

A lot of the training we do is bespoke and tailored to our clients: below is a selection of our standard training programs. Please reach out to us if you can’t see what you are looking for.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) Training

Enhance your understanding of DPIAs, a crucial tool for identifying and mitigating data protection risks in your projects. Learn to navigate legal requirements and adopt best practices, ensuring compliance with data protection laws.

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Subject Access Request (SAR) Training

Master the intricacies of handling Subject Access Requests. From legal obligations to efficient response processes, this training equips you with the skills to manage SARs effectively, promoting transparency and compliance.

International Data Transfers Assessment (IDTA) Training

Explore the complexities of transferring data across borders. This training provides insights into legal frameworks, risk assessments, and safeguards required for international data transfers, empowering you to navigate this critical aspect of data protection.

Personal Data Breaches Management Training

Develop a robust approach to managing personal data breaches. This training covers legal obligations, response protocols, and strategies to minimise the impact of breaches, ensuring your organisation is prepared and compliant.

Freedom of Information Requests (FOI) Training

Navigate the landscape of Freedom of Information Requests confidently. This training delves into legal requirements, response strategies, and proactive measures, empowering you to handle FOI requests effectively while ensuring compliance.

Data Champions Training

Empower your team with the skills to champion data protection within your organisation. This training nurtures a culture of compliance, arming individuals with practical insights to promote best practices and uphold data protection principles.

Record of Processing Activities (ROPA)

Unravel the complexities of creating and maintaining Records of Processing Activities. This training guides you through legal requirements, best practices, and practical tips, ensuring your ROPA is a reliable tool for demonstrating GDPR compliance.

Data Protection Management (DPM) Certificate

Elevate your expertise with our Data Protection Management Certificate. This comprehensive program covers the spectrum of data protection, from legal frameworks to practical implementation, preparing you to navigate the complexities of modern data governance.


Training and Awareness

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We have a team of trainers who are experts in the GDPR and its application. Data Protection People’s mission is to make Data Protection Easy, easy to understand and easy to do. Reach out to us if you have a training need in our field of expertise.

  • Awareness Raising: to support the work we do we produce a range of awareness-raising materials, including posters, mugs, apparel, bags, screen savers, mousemats, cartoons, quizes, competitions, and games. Challenge us to develop something that engages your audience and ask to see the range of awareness-raising tools we have developed.

  • Awareness Raising as a service: Rather than you having to come up with the ideas and execution of your awareness raising program, why not contract it out to us and we'll use our creativity and wealth of experience to do develop and implement a monthly program of GPDR and data protection awareness-raising activities to roll out into your workplace.

  • We provide e-learning, blended learning, remote learning via Teams, classroom learning and even residential learning. We have off-the shelf learning as well as bespoke programs.

  • Our trainers provide engaging and informative sessions that help your organisation get up to speed with the GDPR and related laws and standards.

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Bespoke Training Services

Training & Awareness

Embark on a tailored training journey with Data Protection People, where customisation meets expertise. Our bespoke training services, conducted by seasoned experts with decades of experience in the field, empower your organisation with knowledge designed to fit your unique needs.

At Data Protection People, we live by the motto “Data Protection Made Easy.” Our commitment is to simplify the complexities of data protection, making them not only easy to understand but also easy to implement.

Our team of training experts, having encountered and conquered every imaginable challenge in the realm of data protection, stands ready to guide you. Benefit from their wealth of experience, ensuring you avoid common pitfalls and navigate the intricacies of data protection effortlessly.

Empowering Data Protection Excellence

Unlock the potential of robust data protection with Data Protection People. Explore why organisations trust us for our world-class team, tailored training solutions, and comprehensive education. Let’s embark on a journey towards data protection excellence together.

Tailored Training Solutions

Unlike generic training, we offer tailored programs designed to suit your organisation’s unique needs. Whether you require broad awareness training for a large workforce or in-depth master classes, our flexible approach ensures training aligns precisely with your requirements.


World-Class Team

Our expert team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience across diverse sectors. From seasoned Data Protection Officers to legal experts, we’ve curated a world-class team dedicated to guiding you through every facet of data protection.


Comprehensive Education

As one of the UK’s leading providers, our commitment to education is evident. From free, insightful podcasts with over 1200 subscribers to in-depth training courses, we cover the full spectrum of data protection. Gain comprehensive knowledge, empowering you and your team to navigate the complexities of data protection confidently.


Master Class Series

Training & Awareness

Our Master Class Series runs across a range of topics and is focused on fine tuning your skills on the area in question.

Master Classes are available in over 20 different topics including:

  • Doing great data protection impact assessments,
  • Handling subject access requests(SARs),
  • Managing data processors,
  • Understanding the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations
  • Working with the PCIDSS.

Each Master Class is delivered by a specialist with a first-class understanding of the law and practical experience in its application.

Our Master Classes are hands-on and practical sessions, fun and interactive.

Why Choose Data Protection People?

Training & Awareness

At Data Protection People, we invite you to entrust your training needs to a team that epitomises expertise and a profound understanding of data protection. Here’s why:

  1. Expert Team: Our courses are crafted and delivered by a team of seasoned experts in the field of data protection. With decades of collective experience, our trainers have not only witnessed the evolution of data protection laws but have actively contributed to shaping best practices.
  2. Data Protection Made Easy: “Data Protection Made Easy” isn’t just a slogan; it’s our guiding principle. We believe in simplifying the intricacies of data protection, ensuring our training programs are not only informative but also easily digestible. This philosophy permeates every aspect of our courses, making even the most complex subjects accessible.
  3. In-Depth Understanding: Our commitment to comprehensive education sets us apart. While our podcast provides quick insights, our dedicated training courses offer an in-depth exploration of data protection. Covering foundational principles and delving into the nuances of data protection laws, we provide a holistic learning experience.
  4. Tailored Learning: Recognising that one size doesn’t fit all, we offer tailored learning experiences. Whether you’re a large workforce in need of broad awareness training or an individual seeking an in-depth master class, our courses adapt to your unique requirements.

Choose Data Protection People for a training journey that blends expertise, simplicity, and customisation, ensuring you and your team are well-prepared for the dynamic landscape of data protection.

“I cant recommend Data Protection People enough, they have helped me in so many different areas, no matter how complex the challenge or how large the obstacle, DPP always has the answer.

I can call the team at any time and have built an amazing relationship with them, in times of frustration they are here to calm me down and create a plan, they are a pleasure to work with.”

Mark Leete
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