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DataWise is a database platform for managing GDPR compliance. When we developed DataWise in 2011 it was a world first - DataWise was the very first "privacy tech" solution. It's gone from strength to strength and still supports a DPO in all their tasks and responsibilities.


Areas of assistance

DataWise is a system to support privacy professionals. It's a system built on an enterprise-grade database platform containing feature-rich, work-flow based functionality to simplify record-keeping and evidence of compliance. DataWise has everything a DPO needs including:

Rights Requests

Create, track and manage subject access, FoIA and other types of requests. Progress tracker and alerts. Make sure all requests are managed on time.

Records of Processing Activities

Create and maintain RoPAs, related RoPAs to information assets, proper multi-user access, revision history and audit trail. Blows excel sheets out of the water!


Maintain a database of DPIAs. Define and control the DPIA process. Automatic revision history and approval process. A one-stop-shop for DPIAs.

Incident management

Log all incidents and let DataWise help determine if a personal data breach has occurred and whether it is reportable. Ensures a documented and consistent approach to managing and evaluating personal data breaches.

Asset Register

A register of information assets linked to RoPAs. Enhances the analysis of processing activities, purposes of processing, and information assets. Gives a deeper insight than is possible from spreadsheets.

Processor Contracts

Create and manage data sharing and processor contracts in one place. Keeps track of the scope of contracts, expiry dates and contemporary records of due diligence and supplier checks undertaken. Take back control of contract management.

Audits and Compliance Checking

Maintains a tamper-proof, time-stamped record of compliance checks and their findings. Create records of corrective actions and mitigation. A massive boost to accountability.

Training records

Create and maintain records of training and awareness raising undertaken. Cross referenced to incidents for root cause analysis. Auto remind colleagues to enroll on training and track those that don't attend. Turbo-boost your training program.

Risk Register

Maintain identified risks on a purpose-built database risk register.

Reports and Dashboards

Generate ad-hoc or scheduled reports on anything held in DataWise. Pull KPIs into a single GDPR compliance dashboard. Monitor trends over time. Analysis like you have never known!

Vulnerability tests

Keep a log of all the data protection training provided and awareness activities


generate repots from the system

Why Choose Us?

We developed DataWise to make data protection easy and manageable for our client base. DataWise was nominated for the Cyber Resilience Innovation of the Year Award in 2016. The original and, we believe, the best privacy tech solution available.


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