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GDPR Documentation

We have developed a framework toolkit that covers everything you need to approach GDPR compliance and to integrate best practice into your organisation.

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We assist with all nature of data protection queries, and provide consultation with the following:

Data Protection IGF

Document templates for data protection compliance management


Document templates for PCI DSS compliance management

ISO27001 IGF

Document templates for ISO27001 compliance management

IGF Toolkit

A range of documents and policies required for GDPR compliance

Products & Services

What does our IGF Include?

Data Protection People’s GDPR documentation pack and information governance toolkit comprise a suite of policies and procedures including:

  • The Data Protection Compliance Management policy is at the heart of the toolkit. This sets out your policy for all of the key aspects of the GDPR. You’ll need to amend it in line with our in-line guidance and you’ll need to adopt it and have a senior officer sign it. It’s really simple which is how we like things!

  • Standard Operating Procedures describe a process for all of the things that you have a legal obligation to do including: managing personal data breaches; handling information rights requests such as subject access requests; doing DPIAs; managing data sharing and data processors. The SOPs are based on the requirements set out in the GDPR and simply need to be tailored to reflect your processes. E.g. if you want all security incidents reported to the Head of Security, you need to find and replace “Head of IT” with “Head of Security”.

  • Guidance notes that we have written to help explain complex points and how to apply and work with the toolkit.

  • Templates such as model contracts for processors and data sharing, check lists to test privacy notices and supplier contracts and many more useful documents.

  • Records such as Records of Processing Activities, breach reporting forms, DPIA templates etc.

Simplify data protection


Data Protection People’s mission is to simplify data protection compliance management and our IGF is a fantastic resource for this. The IGF is a complete documentation framework that enables you to demonstrate that you comply with data protection law and have a systematic approach to managing it.

Data protection compliance management

How it works

The IGF revolves around a central, simple data protection compliance management policy and responsibilities table.

A handful of procedures define the steps your workforce take to fulfill your legal obligations which work alongside the forms provided in the IGF Toolkit and the record-keeping framework to provide evidence of compliance and a healthy data protection management regime.

The IGF Toolkit contains a guidance notes, example training materials, templated contracts, instructional videos and a range of other resources to help you implement the IGF in your organisation.

Everything you need in our IGF

Why choose us?

Over the last decade, we’ve done the practical work and the thinking to help us to develop the IGF. All you have to do is follow the instructions, customise the templates and implement the procedures in your workplace!

The IGF will help you to demonstrate compliance whether that is for the purpose of supporting tenders, impressing customers, and winning business, or approaching information governance in a structured, consistent and compliant way. The IGF will grow and adapt as your organisation changes and develops.

GDPR Documentation

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