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Our mission is to make data protection and cyber security easy: easy to understand and easy to do. We do that through the mantra of benchmark, improve, maintain.

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Our Range Of Pentesting Services

Innovative, Comprehensive, and Continuous Security Testing for Your Digital Assets

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Our Infrastructure Penetration Testing service goes beyond traditional assessments. We delve deep into your digital infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities and ensuring the robustness of your security measures. By simulating real-world attacks, we provide insights that fortify the very backbone of your digital presence.

CREST OVS Web Application Testing

Elevate your web application security to peak standards with our CREST OVS Web Application Testing. We meticulously assess your web applications against industry benchmarks, ensuring they meet and exceed the highest security standards. Trust us to fortify the digital face of your business against evolving cyber threats.

Mobile Application Testing

Our Mobile Application Testing service offers a comprehensive security evaluation for your mobile apps. From encryption protocols to secure data storage, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your mobile applications are fortified against potential threats, providing users with a secure digital experience.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Safeguard the digital face of your business with our Web Application Penetration Testing. We meticulously uncover vulnerabilities in web applications, providing insights that empower you to enhance security measures. Stay ahead of cyber threats and ensure the resilience of your digital storefront.

Internal Penetration Testing

Internal threats can be as detrimental as external ones. Our Internal Penetration Testing service focuses on securing your digital environment from within. By identifying and mitigating potential risks originating from within your organisation, we ensure a holistic security strategy that leaves no room for compromise.

External Penetration Testing

Our External Penetration Testing service is your first line of defence against external threats. We simulate real-world attacks, identifying and fortifying potential entry points for cyber threats. Protect your digital landscape with our proactive approach to external security testing.

API Penetration Testing

In an interconnected digital landscape, the security of your data connections is paramount. Our API Penetration Testing service ensures that your data APIs are secure and resilient. Trust us to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities, providing a secure foundation for your data-driven operations.

Desktop Penetration Testing

Security starts at the desktop. Our Desktop Penetration Testing service focuses on strengthening security on every desktop within your organisation. From endpoint security to user privileges, we conduct thorough assessments to fortify the security posture of your entire desktop environment.

Pentest Advice

A feature that provides your organisation with honest opinions and recommendations from our cybersecurity experts. This additional layer of insight ensures that you not only receive exceptional testing services but also gain valuable guidance on strengthening your overall security strategy.

Benefits Of Choosing Data Protection People For Your Pentesting

Why Should You Chose Us?

At Data Protection People, we empower businesses of all sizes with our cutting-edge Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS). Our comprehensive range of penetration testing services is designed to fortify your digital defenses, providing a resilient shield against evolving cyber threats. Below is a list of benefits when you choose Data Protection People as you pentest provider.

  • Holistic Security Approach: Benefit from a thorough evaluation covering every aspect of your digital landscape.

  • Industry-Compliant Testing: Align your security with the highest industry standards and compliance requirements.

  • Comprehensive Mobile App Security: Go beyond surface testing to ensure a robust and secure mobile application environment.

  • Expert Guidance with Pentest Advice: Receive honest opinions and recommendations from our cybersecurity experts.

  • Innovative SecurePortal Technology: Leverage our technologically advanced SecurePortal for continuous vulnerability assurance.

  • Customised Solutions and Support: Enjoy personalised penetration testing solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Why Data Protection People for Your Pentesting Needs?

In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, selecting a partner for penetration testing transcends routine service — it demands a comprehensive, strategic choice. At Data Protection People, we provide more than just a service; we deliver a holistic cybersecurity experience tailored to fortify your digital infrastructure. Here’s why choosing us is a step towards a proactive, secure, and tailored cybersecurity approach:

Holistic Security Approach: Our commitment spans every layer of your digital ecosystem. From internal networks to external threats, our penetration testing goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring a thorough evaluation.

Industry Compliance Assurance: Stay ahead of industry standards and compliance requirements. We not only identify vulnerabilities but also align your security protocols with the highest industry benchmarks.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business: We understand every business is unique. Our penetration testing solutions are not one-size-fits-all; they’re tailored to align seamlessly with your specific business requirements.

Choosing Data Protection People isn’t just about meeting security requirements; it’s about embracing a partner committed to your cybersecurity journey. From industry compliance to innovative technology, we fortify your digital assets, ensuring a resilient, proactive, and personalised defence against evolving cyber threats. Your cybersecurity is not just our service; it’s our mission.


Supporting Your Organisation’s IT Department

At Data Protection People, we understand that robust cybersecurity isn’t just about delivering a service; it’s about empowering your organisation from within. Our approach to supporting your IT department extends beyond conventional penetration testing. Here’s how we collaborate to strengthen your digital defences:

Insights into Vulnerabilities: Our partnership is more than a transaction; it’s a journey towards enhanced cybersecurity. We go beyond merely identifying vulnerabilities; we equip your IT department with in-depth insights, enabling proactive measures against potential threats.

Collaborative Problem Resolution: Cybersecurity challenges are a shared responsibility. We work hand-in-hand with your IT professionals, fostering a collaborative environment for addressing identified vulnerabilities. Our goal is not just to highlight issues but to actively participate in the resolution process.

Proactive Prevention Measures: Beyond addressing immediate concerns, we guide your IT team in implementing preventive measures. Our collaborative efforts are geared towards fortifying your organisation against future threats, ensuring a proactive and resilient security stance.

Customised Solutions for Your IT Environment: We recognise that each IT environment is unique. Our collaborative support is tailored to align with the specific needs and nuances of your organisation’s IT landscape. It’s not just about generic solutions; it’s about crafting strategies that resonate with your IT department’s objectives.

Choosing Data Protection People as your cybersecurity partner means more than a one-time service — it’s an ongoing collaboration focused on empowering your IT department. From insights into vulnerabilities to proactive prevention measures, we actively contribute to enhancing your digital resilience. Your organisation’s IT security is not just our service; it’s our shared commitment to excellence.

“I cant recommend Data Protection People enough, they have helped me in so many different areas, no matter how complex the challenge or how large the obstacle, DPP always has the answer.

I can call the team at any time and have built an amazing relationship with them, in times of frustration they are here to calm me down and create a plan, they are a pleasure to work with.”

Mark Leete
Eastlight Community Homes

Get Support With Data Protection And Cyber Security

Our mission is to make data protection and cyber security easy: easy to understand and easy to do. We do that through the mantra of benchmark, improve, maintain.

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