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Subject Access Requests (SARs) are a corner stone of Data Protection law and as soon as you receive one, the clock starts ticking as you have only one month to respond. Handling SARs is resource intensive. It requires specialist training and software. Find out how our SAR services can support you.

SAR Services

Areas of assistance

Our SAR Bureau provides the full suite of services for handling SARs. Not only can we advise on your SAR handling processes, our SAR Bureau will actually do the donkey work for you reviewing and redacting thousands of pages of information per day leaving you and your team free to take a more strategic role.

We use state of the art software tools to speed up the process: using our SAR services help you to deliver SARs cheaply, effectively, and on time. Find out how we could help you now - BEFORE you get landed with a big and complex SAR!


Apply our leading edge e-discovery toosl to data sets fo find documents relevant to a SAR in data systems that don't have intelligent and configurable search capabilities.

Document Reduction

You'd be amazed that our reduction process can take up to 60% of documents out of a document set saving time and cost on review and redaction. We do this through a range of processes including deNISTing and intelligent de-duplication.

Document Digitisation

We can convert both audio files and hand-written documents into type-written formats that can then be searched digitally.

Review and Redaction

Our team of reviewers can process thousands of pages of information each day redacting information the requester is not entitled to or that you don't want to disclose though the application of an exemption. Our team is impartial to the contents of documents which may contain sensitive and confidential data you don't want your team to see. There is a lot of sense in engaging with our SAR Services.

Process Review and Advice

Engage with our team to show you the tricks and techniques of building efficient and effective scaleable SAR handling processes.

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When can you refuse to comply with a Subject Access Request?

Yes. If an exemption applies, you can refuse to comply with a SAR (wholly or partly). Not all exemptions apply in the same way and it is important that each request for information meets specific criteria before being refused based - make sure your organisation understands exactly what their grounds for refusal are so there are no surprises!

  • Manifestly unfounded - A request may be classed as manifestly unfounded if a subject has no obvious intention to access the data for reasonable purposes or is malicious in intent and using the request to disrupt an organisation.

  • Manifestly excessive - When deciding if a request is manifestly excessive you should consider whether it's clearly or obviously unreasonable. You do this by considering the proportionate balance between your burden and costs for dealing with that particular situation.

The SAR Process

The process for handling a SAR is straightforward enough – the time-consuming element is reviewing all the information uncovered in an information search. It is not uncommon for this to comprise thousands of emails, voice recordings, CCTV footage, images, logs, and other documents in a variety of formats.

Your legal duty is to review all this information and remove (redact) the personal data of other people.

There may also be a lot of information you want to withhold. This process of review can take a very long time which is why organisations find that we can help them to speed things up: warp speed SAR review!

How can we help?

Applying redactions is boring work. It needs high levels of concentration and focus and no interruptions. Redaction fatigue sets in after only a few hours.

It is the kind of work best done by people with an eye for detail and a passion for redaction who do this work by choice day in and day-out.

That’s where we can help. Our SAR bureau uses our tried and trusted work methods to accurately, quickly and methodically work through redacting your information.

Our review team are subject matter experts working within a team of data protection experts. They know what they are looking for and assuredly apply redactions and exemptions within the framework of the law.

Our audit trail and quality assurance procedures give you peace of mind that the work we do for you will stand up to scrutiny.

Why choose us?

Time, resource, confidentiality, consistency. You may not have the time or resources to spend reviewing thousands of pages of information. You might not want your employees reviewing the type of information that a SAR uncovers – it can be highly confidential and sometimes very divisive.

You may not have sufficient people trained to the required level in working with the rights of data subjects. And you might not have the software and management processes to control this type of work to achieve consistent results.

The costs of getting a SAR wrong can be huge in particular if you disclose information that you should not have or could have withheld. Talk to us about our SAR services now – BEFORE you get a huge SAR because once it lands, the clock starts ticking!

SAR Services

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