Business as usual for the Outsourced DPO

By David Hendry

The Outsourced DPO is dusting off the binding corporate rules play book!  It’s some time since we were involved in drafting BCRs and were delighted for one of our global clients to ask us to get involved with creating BCRs for their operations in over 80 countries last week.  Of course drafting BCRs is not rocket science but it requires a lot of collaboration.  The fact that lots of those involved in the project are currently working from home adds a new dimension to the collaborative work and communication that needs to happen but developments such as Google translate and MS Teams translate are fantastic new tools that have emerged since our last foray into BCRs which makes joint-working on documents far quicker and easier than in the past.  The evolution of data protection laws around the world over the last 2 years including, for example, the Californian Consumer Privacy Act and the new Personal Data Protection Act of Thailand make it a fascinating brief.  The Outsourced DPO is looking forward to getting stuck into this piece of work!

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