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Episode 100 of the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast

Celebrating 100 Episodes of the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast

Managing Information Requests

On the 11th of October we will be joined by Award-Winning trainer and Data Protection Officer, Paul Withers, who will be joining us from Walsall Council to celebrate episode 100 of the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast.

Paul will be turning Data Protection processes on their head while talking about how we expect others to follow our processes. He will be joined by our brilliant hosts Phil Brining and David Holmes for this extra special episode of the podcast.

Coming from a military background and then working within healthcare before entering the world of local government has provided our guest Paul with the opportunity to see and experience many variations and aspects of data sharing and requests.

This has led Paul to develop a process which ensures anyone requesting information knows precisely how the request is handled which he will share with our community on the 11th. Turning such a process on its head allows individuals to consider if processes are actually transparent enough, logical, easy to understand or even being followed. The puzzle method Paul developed in 2018 helps ensure the right controls are added while achieving privacy by default and design requirements.

Every aspect of data protection or information governance is a two-way path and it is vital that we ensure the right control is in the right place at the right time and that any process is easy to understand and follow therefore we are going to be specifically focusing on disclosure requests which can often bring confusion and delays.

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