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Collaboration Between Security & Privacy Teams

Myles Dacres

Building Bridges: Fostering Collaboration Between Security & Privacy Teams a discussion on bridging the gap within your organisation.

Building Bridges: Fostering Collaboration Between Security & Privacy Teams

Do you work in data protection, security, or privacy, but struggle to collaborate effectively with your colleagues in other areas? You’re not alone! While these fields share a common goal of protecting information, communication gaps and differing priorities can often create silos and hinder collaboration.

Join us for a FREE webinar on Friday, May 17th, 2024, from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM (BST) to gain valuable insights on building stronger collaboration between security and privacy teams.

This interactive session, hosted by our expert hosts, features renowned privacy expert Rebecca Balebako. Rebecca is the founder of Balebako Privacy Engineer, a woman-owned data protection and privacy company based in Zurich, Switzerland. With extensive experience in the privacy field, including a past management role on Google’s Privacy Red Team and recognition as an IAPP Fellow of Information Privacy, Rebecca brings a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to the table.

In this engaging session, you’ll gain valuable insights into:

  • The common challenges hindering collaboration between security and privacy teams. We’ll explore the knowledge gaps, differing priorities, and potential communication roadblocks that can create friction and hinder effective collaboration.
  • Identifying “blind spots” in your own approach. By understanding the potential privacy issues that security teams might overlook and the security risks that privacy teams might miss, you can gain a more holistic view of the bigger picture.
  • Practical strategies to bridge the collaboration gap. Learn how to foster stronger working relationships, improve communication, and build a more collaborative environment where both security and privacy teams can thrive.

Don’t miss this opportunity to:

  • Gain valuable insights from a leading privacy expert. Rebecca’s experience and knowledge will provide you with practical strategies and actionable takeaways.
  • Learn practical strategies to overcome collaboration challenges. Discover how to break down silos, improve communication, and achieve more effective data protection outcomes.
  • Network with other professionals facing similar challenges. Connect with others who understand the unique challenges of working at the intersection of security and privacy.

Can’t make it to the live discussion? Tune in to the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast on Spotify: Data Protection Made Easy

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