Data Protection Audits Demystified

Myles Dacres

Hosted by Philip Brining, Jasmine Harrison and Esther Adebiyi

Join us for a comprehensive exploration of Data Protection Audits. In this episode, we will delve into the ins and outs of audits, helping you demystify this critical aspect of data protection. Our expert panel will address essential topics, providing you with a clear understanding of what audits entail and how to approach them effectively.

Key Discussion Points:

What is an audit? Understand the fundamentals of data protection audits and why they are crucial in today’s data-driven world.
How long should audits last? Discover the optimal duration for a thorough audit without disruptions.
When should audits be undertaken? Learn about the right timing for audits – before, as a discovery project, or after compliance projects.
How often should audits occur? Get insights into the frequency of audits to maintain data compliance.
Common non-compliances: Identify the most prevalent areas of non-compliance and how to address them.
Best audit approaches: Explore the most effective strategies for conducting successful data protection audits.
Outsourcing vs. in-house: Understand the pros and cons of outsourcing to specialists and the potential for unbiased audits.