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GDPR Radio – Episode 93

Hosted by Oliver Rear and David Holmes

Data Protection Made Easy

GDPR Radio - Episode 93

Join us on the 23rd of September for the GDPR Radio as our hosts Phil Brining and Jasmine Harrison join forces to discuss the news of the week, sharing their views and opinions with our growing community of data protection practitioners. The world of data protection is fast-moving and ever-changing, with new innovation and technology comes risk, making our own personal data more vulnerable every day. It’s important to be part of a community where common challenges can be overcome by shared knowledge and shared solutions.

We created the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast to build a community of practitioners who all had a shared goal of simplifying data protection. when speaking to members of our community it was clear that the thing they lacked most was a community to share knowledge with. There are times as a data protection practitioner when you need to double-check something small, they didn’t want to come to us and use up support time for a simple question and they also didn’t find what they were looking for on google as a lot of the information online is overly complex and hard to decipher, our wish is that our community will continue to grow and support each other simplifying the role of a data protection practitioner.

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