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Mastering Data Retention

Join us for episode 133 on the Data Protection Made Easy podcast hosted by our experts from Data Protection Made Easy.

Data Protection Made Easy Podcast

Join us for a highly anticipated episode of Data Protection Made Easy, where we dive deep into the intricate world of data retention. In this session, our expert hosts Joe Kirk, Jasmine Harrison, and Charlotte Hogg will shed light on the vital aspects of data retention and its impact on businesses.

During this engaging session, we will explore the complexities of data retention, focusing on when you can and can’t retain data. Our hosts will delve into the exceptions surrounding data retention, as well as the potential implications of holding onto or disposing of excess data for your organization.

Key Topics to Be Covered:
1. Understanding Data Retention: We will provide a comprehensive overview of data retention, explaining its significance in compliance with data protection laws and regulations.
2. Legal and Regulatory Requirements: Learn about the specific legal and regulatory requirements that dictate data retention periods in various industries.
3. Exceptions and Special Circumstances: Explore exceptional scenarios where data retention periods may differ based on specific circumstances.
4. Data Minimization and Storage Efficiency: Discover effective strategies to streamline data storage, ensuring you retain only what is necessary and relevant.
5. Impact on Businesses: Gain valuable insights into how data retention practices can impact your business operations, data security, and compliance posture.
6. Best Practices and Data Retention Policies: Learn about best practices and crafting data retention policies tailored to your organization’s needs.

28th July 2023

12:30PM - 13:30PM

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