The Big and the Small of It

Myles Dacres

Join our hosts Jasmine Harrison, Joe Kirk and Philip Brining for episode 161 of the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast.

Join us for a LIVE, two-part series on the Data Protection Made Easy podcast, where we delve into the complexities of data protection for businesses of all sizes.

Part 1 (March 8th): Navigating Challenges: Big vs. Small Organisations

In this first episode, we’ll explore the unique challenges and opportunities faced by both large organisations and small businesses when it comes to data protection. Our expert hosts will provide insightful perspectives on:

  • Compliance complexities: Understand the specific challenges faced by organisations of different sizes in complying with data protection regulations.
  • Resource limitations: Gain practical guidance on managing data protection effectively with limited resources, often a concern for small businesses.
  • Data security best practices: Learn essential strategies for securing sensitive data, regardless of your organisation’s size.

Part 2 (March 22nd): Unpacking the DPDI Bill and Its Impact

Building on the foundation laid in Part 1, the second episode will focus on the recently passed Data Protection and Digital Information (DPDI) Bill. We’ll discuss:

  • Key provisions for small businesses: Gain a clear understanding of how the DPDI Bill aims to support and simplify compliance for smaller organisations.
  • Practical implications: Explore the potential impact of the new regulations on your data protection practices and discover valuable resources available to navigate the changes.
  • Expert insights: Join our hosts as they analyse the impact of the DPDI Bill and share their insights on what it means for the future of data protection.

This interactive series is perfect for:

  • Data protection professionals in organisations of all sizes.
  • Small business owners or managers handling personal data.
  • Individuals seeking to stay informed about the evolving data protection landscape.

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Part 1: March 8th Part 2: March 22nd

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