The Journey Of Accountability

Myles Dacres

Join our hosts Jasmine and Joe as they discuss the journey to accountability

Join us on the Data Protection Made Easy podcast for our upcoming episode titled Unlocking The 7th Principle: The Journey Of Accountability, hosted by Jasmine Harrison and Joe Kirk. In this episode, we will explore the crucial 7th Principle of data protection and its integral role in safeguarding personal information. Our aim is to provide practical insights and valuable discussions that resonate with both seasoned data protection practitioners and newcomers to the field.

The 7th Principle: We’ll dissect this essential principle, explaining its significance in the realm of data protection.
Embedded in the GDPR: Delve into the various aspects of the GDPR where the 7th Principle is intricately woven. Learn about its presence in Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), Data Protection Agreements (DPAs), Records of Processing Activities (RoPA), and more.
Unspoken but Essential: Explore practices that aren’t explicitly outlined in the GDPR but play a pivotal role in achieving accountability. We’ll discuss the importance of Legitimate Interest Assessments, Due Diligence, and Data Sharing Agreements.
Demonstrating Accountability: Discover practical methods organisations use to showcase their commitment to accountability. Learn how to put theory into action.
Is It Too Much?: Address the common misconception of “red tape” in data protection. We’ll discuss whether the accountability framework is overly burdensome or a necessary safeguard.
Logs and Criteria: Dive into the practical tools organisations use, such as breach logs, data sharing logs, and rights request logs. We’ll also explore criteria like lawful bases and DPIA requirements and their connection to privacy notices.