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How to get the most out of your DPIAs .

Data Protection Made Easy

To DPIA Or Not To DPIA – Part 1 was our most popular episode of all time with more than 1000 streams through Spotify and Apple Podcasts. When we reached out to our subscribers and asked them what topics they would like to learn more about DPIAs were amongst the most often requested discussions. We believe that’s because they are not always as simple as they initially seem, the area we would like to focus on in particular is training and awareness, you can have the best processes in the world but if your workforce is not properly trained and armed with the information and skill they need, they may cause an adverse effect. We will be sharing insights from extensive experience conducting data protection impact assessments including horror stories and times where proper training has paid dividends.

If you would like to discuss DPIAs and see how we can support you and improve your data protection assessments get in touch with one of the team or visit our GDPR Support Desk.

Download our Datasheet here – DPIA as a service

05 August 2022

12:30PM - 13:30PM

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