Top 10 Challenges For DPOs – Part 2

Hosted by Zara Turner and Oliver Rear

Data Protection Made Easy

top 10 challenges for DPOs (6)

Join us on the 7th of October for an episode of the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast as our regular host Oliver Rear welcomes Zara Turner, Senior Support Desk Consultant here at Data Protection People to follow on from part one of our conversation where we discussed the Top 10 Challenges For DPOs.

Zara heads up the Support Desk here at DPP and deals with a wide range of challenges, from reviewing contracts to handling data breaches, our support desk has seen every kind of challenge in every industry. As a DPO it can often feel like you are left stranded, others in your organisation won’t understand the importance of some areas of your role, with a community you can discuss these challenges and feel part of something bigger. The Data Protection Made Easy community is all about simplifying complex challenges and sharing resolutions to support one another and we now have over 950 subscribers and growing every single day.

There are a few challenges that are prevalent no matter what industry you work in, during this session our consultants will pick up where we left off and discuss the remaining challenges faced by Data Protection Practitioners. Our support desk is busier than it’s ever, we recently ran a campaign highlighting the areas we help to support, many of which were unknown to our clients, as a result, we have had floods of requests and our employees have noticed some common trends that they want to share with our community. If you would like to listen back to part 1, click here. If you want to learn more about our support desk, click here or contact us.

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