Five steps to secure data

By David Hendry

Five steps to secure data

Data Protection has been in the spotlight for the last few years as more and more cases of theft and security breaches occur.

Businesses can take five relatively simple steps to improve their data protection and ensure they give consumers confidence and the right experience.

1) Data Location

The first step is to actually understand where data is stored. Some businesses use a range of different mediums to store information but the more of these you have the more risks you face. You’ll need a specific plan for each type of storage you use. Keeping this number to a minimum will help to reduce the potential for issues.

2) Policy 

Next you should put a need to know policy in place. By limiting access you cut down on the number of people that are involved and the potential for errors. Access should be limited to people you trust and you should have systems in place to log who accesses what and from where.

3) Network Security

The security of your network is very important, particularly when you consider that malware is changing daily and thieves are getting more and more sophisticated. You’ll certainly have a firewall and other protection in place but you need to make sure they are up to date and performing properly. The security coverage should also extend to mobile devices if you allow people to connect to your network with them.

4) Data Management Plan

A data management plan is essential and will help you to keep on top of records. You’ll need to have an idea of which details you must protect and how long you want to save them for. You should look at the vulnerabilities of your system and make sure these are the areas that you invest in protection. As well as electronic records consider paper ones and handle them securely. You must also account for the safe disposal of information.

5) Educate Employees

The final thing to do is perhaps the most important; you need to educate everybody to make sure they understand their risks and obligations. You can build a security culture where everybody takes steps to protect data and keep it secure. You also need to ensure you account for periodic upgrades and training so you stay up to date. Contact our expert team if you are in need of any assistance with your data strategy. We have the knowledge and experience you need to provide complete information assurance.

What data protection measurements  have you put in place for your business?

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