6 Years In Social Housing

Click on the player below and listen to our top consultants discuss the last 6 years working in the Social Housing sector.

This week our amazing hosts Oliver Rear, Phil Brining and David Holmes are joined by Kathy Midgley and David Hendry two well know names from the sector to not only discuss the last 6 years but to discuss what the next 6 years might bring.

DPP are a leading supplier of data protection and data security consultancy and support services to the social housing sector to which we have been fortunate enough to have worked with over 130 housing associations, with the overarching strategy being based upon adding continuous assurance and innovative value to the sector as a whole.

Code of Conduct
To facilitate our fantastic understanding of the sector, we have been leading a social housing data protection code of conduct project where the aim of the group is to ensure the ICO approves the final standard as a benchmark for compliance.  We have created a steering group involving 13 housing associations, the aim of the group is for the housing sector to adopt the code of conduct as an approved data protection standard for the audit and risk committees to measure the organisation against.

The DPP product set is constantly being assessed with the housing sector in mind, the SAR support bureau (as an example) was created due to demand from our clients to receive a service in this area.  We now have over 50 housing associations who have used the service since its conception in 2019. DPP intend to continue to improve and develop the service to ensure ongoing assurance and value add is maintained from a rights request perspective.

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