A DPO’s Roadmap To Success

Jasmine Harrison, Philip Brining and Joe Kirk

Navigating Data Protection – A DPO’s Roadmap To Success

Jasmine Harrison - GDPR Radio Poster

Insights from the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast

Welcome to another insightful episode of the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast, your go-to resource for simplifying the complexities of data protection law. In this episode, we had the pleasure of hosting a live session in front of a diverse audience of practitioners, each with their unique backgrounds and perspectives. Our aim? To provide you with a comprehensive roadmap for success as a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

In the Spotlight: Our Expert Trio
Our session was expertly led by Joe Kirk, one of our esteemed Support Desk Consultants here at Data Protection People. Joining him were two industry veterans, Founder Phil Brining and Account Manager (and former Support Desk Consultant) Jasmine Harrison. Together, this trio brought a wealth of experience and diverse viewpoints to the table.

The Top 10 Priorities for DPOs:
The heart of our discussion revolved around the top ten priorities for DPOs. What should be your focus when stepping into a new organisation? Joe, with his penchant for quick wins, shared insights into changes that can be readily implemented. Phil, approaching it from an auditor’s perspective, provided a unique lens on the topic. The beauty of this conversation was that there were no wrong answers, and the engaging discussion allowed for an exchange of ideas.

Interactive Presentation:
To facilitate this enlightening discussion, Jasmine, Joe, and Phil crafted a detailed PowerPoint presentation. It outlined the key priorities, sparking not only a robust conversation among our experts but also active participation from our audience. Some of our audience members even chimed in with their top priorities, adding an extra layer of depth to the conversation. As a listener of the podcast you will not be left in the dark as the three hosts speak through the presentation in detail, however if you would like to join us live on future episodes of the podcast and benefit from visual aids and resources, feel free to join any of our upcoming episodes live.

On-Demand: Access the Podcast Recording
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