Beyond Consent (Part 3)

Hosted by Jasmine Harrison, Phil Brining and Joe Kirk.

Joe Kirk Data Protection Support Desk Cosultant

Episode 131: Exploring Special Category Data

Discover the highlights of our latest episode, Beyond Consent Part 3, where we delved into the fascinating world of special category data. Led by our hosts Jasmine Harrison, Joe Kirk, and Phil Brining, this engaging session explored the nuances and considerations surrounding the processing of this sensitive data.

During the live discussion, we had the privilege of hosting 80 participants, creating a vibrant and diverse environment for sharing insights and opinions. Together, we explored a wide range of topics, including the concept of legitimate interest, the government’s legal bid to block access to Prime Minister Johnson’s WhatsApp messages in the Covid inquiry, and other noteworthy news from the realm of data protection.

One of the key highlights of this episode was the discussion on the EU GDPR adequacy decision and its implications for the UK. We delved into the details, emphasizing how this decision enables the smooth flow of data from the European Economic Area (EEA) in most cases, while addressing exceptions related to immigration control and the UK immigration exemption.

We also delved into several privacy-related news stories, including the government’s legal battle to prevent the Covid inquiry from accessing Johnson’s WhatsApp messages, the ICO’s response to the Open Rights Group’s report, insights from IAPP’s Privacy Professionals Salary Survey, NHS breaches and privacy concerns, fines imposed on companies like Amazon, and the significance of data quality and accountability.

Throughout the episode, we explored the challenges organizations face when determining legitimate interest as a lawful basis for data processing. We emphasized the importance of conducting thorough assessments to ensure compliance with data protection laws and protect individuals’ rights and freedoms.

Data breaches also took center stage in our discussion, emphasizing the need for organizations to take responsibility, be accountable, and prioritize data security. We highlighted the importance of stronger enforcement measures and penalties to encourage better protection of personal information.

Furthermore, we discussed the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) guidance on responding to Subject Access Requests (SARs) and the concept of legitimate interest as a lawful basis for processing personal data under the UK GDPR. We examined the proposed Data Protection (No.2) Bill, its impact on businesses, and various perspectives on legitimate interest and consent in image processing.

This episode provided valuable insights into a variety of privacy and data protection issues, raising awareness of the challenges and opportunities in today’s digital landscape. As technology advances and data continues to play a crucial role, it is essential for organizations, regulators, and individuals to stay informed and uphold privacy rights.

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