Cookies and Direct Marketing (Part 2)

Marketing Boundaries and Your Rights hosted by Jasmine Harrison, Philip Brining and Joe Kirk.

Cookies and Direct Marketing

Part Two of our Engaging Discussion on Cookies and Direct Marketing

We’re thrilled to share that on Friday, August 25th, 2023, we successfully hosted the much-awaited Part Two of our enthralling conversation on cookies and direct marketing. This session delved deep into the realms of marketing boundaries and individual rights, providing valuable insights into the dynamic world of data protection. Our esteemed panel of experts, including Jasmine Harrison, Joe Kirk, and Philip Brining, led the discussion, ensuring a rich and informative dialogue.

It was a particularly special occasion as Joe Kirk, after a significant tenure working on-site with a major retail client, re-joined us as a host. His return added an extra layer of expertise and enthusiasm to the session, making it a remarkable experience for all participants.

Our interactive session flowed seamlessly, encompassing a diverse range of topics related to data protection. We explored intricacies of marketing within the defined boundaries and delved into the rights individuals hold in this digital age. The conversation was insightful, offering attendees a comprehensive understanding of the critical intersections between marketing practices and data protection regulations.

During the session, our experts shared valuable resources to empower attendees. Philip Brining’s meticulously crafted flowchart, designed to help manage direct marketing in alignment with PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations), was a highlight. Additionally, Jasmine Harrison’s comprehensive guide on direct marketing rules provided attendees with a valuable toolkit for navigating this complex landscape.

To enhance accessibility, we will be providing downloadable links to both Philip Brining’s flowchart and Jasmine Harrison’s direct marketing guide. please see both Jasmine and Philips documents listed below:
PECR decision-making flow chart v5.0
Direct Marketing Rules

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