Data Breaches – Lessons Learnt From Recent Breaches

What are Data Breaches and how can we prevent them?

Companies must ensure that data is adequately protected to prevent loss or theft. Where a breach has taken place, companies may need to notify individuals as well as face a negative impact on the company’s brand and customer loyalty. Under the General Data Protection Regulation, companies may face fines of up to €20 million or 4% of annual turnover.

Here are a few ways to prevent potential breaches:

  • Up-to-date Security Software.
  • Regular Risk Assessments.
  • Encryption and data backup.
  • Staff training and awareness.
  • Ensure vendors and partners maintain high data protection standards.
  • Third-party Data Security Evaluations.

Tune in to the conversation below and listen to 3 of our top consultants Phil Brining, David Holmes and Oliver Rear discussing the recent Data Breaches in the news and the action taken by the ICO.

This week we will be recording our first ever episode of a new series of events ‘GDPR Radio’.

During these new sessions, we will discuss recent news, share our views, and we will also be accepting support questions to handle live.

Time: 12:30-13:30
Date: 12.02.21
Location: MS Teams

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