Top Data Protection Challenges In Education

Understanding the most common challenges in the Education Sector.

top 10 Data Protection challenges for Education

During this week’s episode of the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast, our host David Holmes is joined by DPP’s very own Vicki Lawson to discuss the top Data Protection challenges in the Education Sector.

Vicki Lawson has worked in the Education Sector for just under 4 years and joined David Holmes to share her insights on the most common difficulties faced by Data Protection Practitioners in the sector. When speaking to Vicki, our producer and organiser of the podcast, Myles Dacres asked her “If you could have had any resource to support you in your previous role, what would it be?” Vicki responded, “The one thing I really lacked when working in the Education Sector was community, I didn’t know anyone working as a DPO in the Education Sector and I would have really valued having a sounding board to bounce ideas and challenges off”. This became the catalyst for a new series of events on the Podcast where we speak to specific challenges for each of the sectors we work in. As well as creating sector-specific podcasts we also post blogs and papers that speak specifically to our core sectors and have created online forums where data protection practitioners can collaborate to share solutions, insights and ideas.

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