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Data Protection Day 2024

Caine Glancy, Philip Brining and Joe Kirk

Tune in as our hosts Philip Brining, Joe Kirk and Caine Glancy join together to celebrate Data Protection Day 2024.

Poster for Data Protection Day

Data Protection Day 2024: A Celebration of Privacy with the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast!

January 26th marked a joyous occasion for all things data protection – the annual Data Protection Day! And guess who threw the ultimate party? You guessed it – the vibrant Data Protection Made Easy community!

Our intrepid hosts, brimming with data-savvy enthusiasm, delved into the heart of why Data Protection Day matters. Not just for legal compliance, mind you, but for something far more important: protecting our cherished right to privacy. They unveiled practical tips and insightful perspectives, leaving no data stone unturned.

But the fun didn’t stop there! Our live audience, bursting with data protection spirit, took centre stage with the Data Protection People Quiz. It was a thrilling test of knowledge, a joyful celebration of learning, and a resounding reminder that data protection can be, well, quite fun! Don’t worry, the quiz lives on our website, ready to test your data prowess whenever you’re up for the challenge: click here to access the quiz.

And speaking of the Data Protection Made Easy community, did we mention we’re over 1,200 strong? From curious students to seasoned Data Protection Officers, our digital doors are wide open for everyone. Connect, collaborate, ask questions – no data mystery is too small or too grand for our friendly bunch.

Remember those awkward days of lockdown, when human connection felt like a distant dream? We sure do. That’s when the Data Protection Made Easy podcast was born, a little spark of connection in the digital void. And what a spark it turned out to be! We’ve quickly become one of the UK’s biggest data protection networks, and yes, the #1 streamed data protection podcast, no less!

So, if you’re looking for a supportive community where data mysteries unravel and laughter rings out, look no further! Click the link below and request to join us. We’d love to welcome you into the fold!

Together, let’s keep the data protection party going strong, every day of the year!

Data Protection Made Easy – because privacy deserves a celebration!

Tune in on Spotify – Data Protection Day 2024

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