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Data Protection in the Non-Profit Sector

Joe Kirk, Jasmine Harrison and Special Guest Rebecca Wells

This episode of Data Protection Made Easy tackles the unique challenges of data protection faced by charities. Our guest, Rebecca Wells, a data protection expert from Sustrans, shares strategies for charities to balance their mission of helping others with the need to protect individual privacy.

Data Protection In The Non-Profit Sector

Balancing Good Deeds with Good Practices

Empowering Charities to Navigate Data Protection Challenges: This episode of Data Protection Made Easy dives into the unique world of data protection within the non-profit sector. Our guest speaker, Rebecca Wells, Data Protection and Information Governance Manager at Sustrans, shares her experience and insights on how charities can effectively balance their mission of helping others with the crucial need to protect individual privacy.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The Balancing Act for Charities: We explore the delicate dance between upholding data protection principles and supporting vulnerable people in need. Learn strategies for responsible data practices while fulfilling your organisation’s mission.
  • Compliance Made Clear for Charities: Unravel the complexities of data protection regulations, particularly for smaller charities with limited resources. Gain practical tips and guidance to ensure compliance within the legal framework.
  • Supporting DPO Wellbeing in Charities: Being a Data Protection Officer (DPO) in the non-profit sector comes with its own challenges. We discuss strategies for managing workload, mental well-being, and handling sensitive data to ensure DPOs are adequately supported.
  • Valuable Insights for All: Even if you work outside the charity sector, this episode offers valuable insights into the human element of data protection and the challenges of balancing regulations with real-world needs. You’ll also learn practical tips applicable to various data protection practices.

Listen and Learn:

  • Join the conversation: This episode is packed with practical advice and real-world scenarios that resonated with our live audience, as evidenced by the active live chat. You’ll gain valuable knowledge from an expert and connect with the Data Protection Made Easy community.
  • Accessible and Informative: Our podcast is designed to be clear and easy to understand, even for those new to data protection. We avoid jargon and complex legalese, focusing on providing insightful discussions delivered by our team of experts.

Rebecca Wells – A Wealth of Experience

Rebecca brings a wealth of experience working within the charity sector. She’ll share her insights on navigating the complexities of data protection in this unique environment. Follow our brilliant guest speaker on Linkedin: Click here.

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