Don’t Let The Breach Break You

Hosted by Phil Brining, Jasmine Harrison and Joe Kirk

Data Breach

Don’t Let A Breach Break You – Episode 121

Welcome to the 121st episode of the Data Protection Made Easy podcast, where we bring you thoughtful conversations on all things data protection. In today’s episode, titled “Don’t let a breach break you,” our hosts Phil Brining and Joe Kirk share their top tips on how to avoid data breaches and expert advice on what to do when your organisation has a breach of data.

The episode covered not just the technical aspects of protecting against data breaches but also the human element, with human error and social engineering being significant factors in data misuse. It is essential to recognise that breaches can happen to any organisation, and preparation is key to minimise the impact.

Phil and Joe emphasised that being proactive is vital to avoiding data breaches, and organisations should prioritise a robust security posture that includes training, vulnerability assessments, and incident response plans. They also discussed the importance of having a data breach response plan in place and conducting regular drills to ensure that everyone knows what to do in case of a breach.

The episode touched on the fact that data protection is not just a technical issue but also a human issue. Social engineering tactics such as phishing, pretexting, and baiting are common methods used to trick employees into giving away sensitive information, highlighting the need for robust training and awareness programs to prevent these attacks.

As our hosts pointed out, a data breach can have severe consequences, not just in terms of financial losses but also reputational damage. It is, therefore, essential to take data protection seriously and make it a priority for every member of the organisation.

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