DPDI Bill’s Impact on Individual Rights

Joe Kirk, Jasmine Harrison and Philip Brining

Join our hosts Jasmine Harrison, Joe Kirk and Philip Brining as they debate the DPDI Bill’s Impact on Individual Rights

DPDI Bill's Impact on Individual Rights

Unveiling Exemptions and the DPDI Bill’s Impact on Individual Rights (Part 2)

The exploration of individual rights under data protection law continues in part two of our two-part series on the Data Protection Made Easy podcast. Episode 163 dives deep into exemptions and the potential impact of the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill (DPDI Bill) on these rights.

Join our data protection experts, Jasmine Harrison, Philip Bringing and Joe Kirk, for a captivating live discussion. They unpack the complexities of exemptions within the current data protection landscape and explore how the proposed DPDI Bill might reshape individual rights in the future.

Exemptions: Understanding the Exceptions

The UK GDPR grants individuals a robust set of rights regarding their personal data. However, there are certain exemptions that allow organisations to restrict some of these rights in specific situations. Episode 169 sheds light on these exemptions, empowering you to understand when and how your rights might be limited.

Our hosts delve into specific exemptions within the UK GDPR, such as national security and law enforcement. They explain the rationale behind these exemptions and the safeguards in place to ensure they’re not misused.

The DPDI Bill: A Glimpse into the Future of Individual Rights

The DPDI Bill is a proposed piece of UK legislation that aims to update the current data protection framework. Episode 169 explores the potential implications of this bill on individual rights.

Jasmine and Joe discuss how the DPDI Bill might introduce new rights or strengthen existing ones. They also analyse how the bill might address current limitations on individual rights through potential changes to exemptions.

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Data Protection Made Easy: Your Trusted Source for Understanding Exemptions and the DPDI Bill

The Data Protection Made Easy podcast is your one-stop shop for clear and concise explanations of complex data protection concepts. Episode 169 on “Exploring Individual Rights (Part 2) – Exemptions and the DPDI Bill” equips you with the knowledge to understand the current exemptions framework. The episode also covers how the proposed DPDI Bill might reshape individual rights in the future.

Ready to stay ahead of the curve on data protection and individual rights? Tune in to episode 169 of the Data Protection Made Easy podcast and join the conversation! You can find the episode on all major audio streaming platforms, including Spotify, with the link conveniently located at the top of this page.