Episode 129 – Cookies and Direct Marketing

Join our hosts Jasmine Harrison, Phil Brining and Joe Kirk as they share expert insights on Cookies and Direct Marketing.

Data Protection Made Easy Episode 135

Insights from the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast

In the latest episode of the Data Protection Made Easy podcast, Joe Kirk, Jasmine Harrison, and Phil Brining engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on the topic of “Cookies and Direct Marketing.” The hosts delved into various aspects related to data protection regulations and explored the challenges faced by organisations in navigating the complexities of direct marketing in the digital age.

The conversation began with a focus on the roles of processors and controllers in obtaining consent for email marketing. Joe raised an interesting point about the responsibility of controllers to ensure that consent is obtained before sending out marketing emails. He questioned whether controllers should be the ones responsible for acquiring consent rather than relying on third-party platforms such as LinkedIn to handle it on their behalf.

The hosts agreed on the importance of clarifying who individuals are giving their consent to and the specific marketing activities they are consenting to. They pondered the practicalities of registering consent with platforms like LinkedIn, considering that consent given to LinkedIn may not necessarily cover all corporate users on the platform. The discussion highlighted the need for further exploration and clarification regarding consent and its implications within the context of LinkedIn and other similar platforms.

While the hosts acknowledged the time limitations of the session, they expressed a desire to delve deeper into specific use cases in a potential Part Two. They emphasized the importance of understanding how the Pack Regulations and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are applied to different scenarios. The hosts aimed to provide practical guidance and direction to listeners, focusing on real-life issues that organisations face rather than merely discussing theoretical concepts.

Throughout the episode, cookies emerged as a central theme of discussion. The hosts explored the intricacies of cookies on websites and the associated challenges in ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. They touched upon related techniques such as remarketing and the use of pixels. Additionally, the conversation briefly touched on email marketing, including the concept of the soft opt-in and its application in the charity sector. However, telephone marketing and fax marketing were mentioned as areas that could be explored further in subsequent episodes.

The hosts acknowledged the complexity of fully comprehending the Pack Regulations, particularly when it comes to lesser-known practices such as automated dialers and fax marketing. They expressed a shared sentiment that while people generally grasp the fundamental principles of the Pack Regulations, the details can be challenging to navigate, making it necessary to thoroughly examine and discuss these edge cases.

Towards the end of the episode, the hosts provided valuable insights into available resources for further study. They mentioned decision-making flowcharts that outline the requirements for different forms of communication, such as email marketing to individuals or corporate email addresses. They also highlighted the availability of a master class on direct marketing, offering listeners the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the subject.

In conclusion, the podcast episode on “Cookies and Direct Marketing” provided a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the topic. The hosts’ engaging discussion and exploration of various aspects, along with the incorporation of Joe’s earlier article, shed light on the challenges and considerations surrounding cookies, consent, and direct marketing in compliance with data protection regulations. The episode served as an informative resource for individuals and organisations seeking a better understanding of the practical application of data protection in the context of digital marketing.

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During last week’s discussion, our Founder, Managing Director and Podcast Host, Phil Brining mentioned a flowchart he has put together to help our community better understand cookies and direct marketing, download it here and don’t hesitate to reach out if you require any further support or advice: PECR flow chart