Freedom Of Information – A Tool For Transparency

Freedom Of Information - A Tool For Transparency

Freedom Of Information – A Tool For Transparency

Working in the data protection industry, where information is power, ensuring transparency within organisations is crucial. Freedom of Information (FOI), also known as the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), empowers individuals to request access to information held by public authorities. During this week’s episode of the AWARD WINNING Data Protection Made Easy podcast, with over 20,000 Spotify plays and 170 episodes, dives deep into the world of FOI with expert Laura Brentnall, Support Desk Manager from Data Protection People.

Transparency: The Cornerstone of Public Trust

The FOI serves as a cornerstone for open government and public trust. It allows individuals to hold organisations accountable and fosters a more informed citizenry. Laura, with her experience working in local authorities and across diverse sectors, sheds light on the practicalities of FOI for organisations of all sizes.

Intriguing Encounters with FOI Requests

The session wouldn’t be complete without a touch of intrigue! Laura along with some of our listeners shared some fascinating (and sometimes bizarre) FOI requests they’ve encountered. From the infamous UK parliamentary expenses scandal, where information was disclosed outside of FOI channels, to a local council paying a psychic for an exorcism (yes, you read that right!), these real-world examples highlight the vast scope of FOI requests.

Navigating the Legal Landscape

FOI comes with its own legal framework. The discussion explores recent cases and considerations surrounding the FOIA. This includes the concept of vexatious requests, where someone submits excessive or unreasonable FOI requests to disrupt an organisation’s operations. A link to a case study from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is provided for further exploration.

Equipping You for FOI Success

The session equips organisations with practical strategies for handling FOI requests effectively. This might involve streamlining processes, understanding exemptions under the FOIA, and effectively communicating with requesters. Data Protection People have a dedicated team of FOI experts if you have further questions after listening.

Our New FOI Service: Simplifying the Process

Data Protection People are excited to announce its new FOI service! This service is designed to support organisations of all sizes and sectors in navigating the FOI process with confidence. Whether you need help developing a robust FOI policy or require assistance in responding to complex requests, our team of experts is here to guide you.

Calling All Outrageous Requests!

For the upcoming part two of this FOI discussion, the team is looking for your input! Submit your most outrageous (and anonymous) FOI experiences, and they’ll be discussed on the next episode. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and gain valuable insights.

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