GDPR Radio – Episode 116

Data Protection News Of The Week 

Welcome to the latest episode of GDPR Radio, where we bring you the latest news and views from the world of data protection. In this week’s episode, our hosts Jasmine Harrison and Joe Kirk from Data Protection People’s Support Desk explore recent developments in data protection compliance.

The episode begins with a discussion on the recent enforcement actions taken by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), with Jasmine and Joe offering their perspective on the regulator’s approach to penalising large organisations that have misused personal data. While the ICO has levied significant fines in the past, it remains to be seen whether this trend will continue in the future.

Moving on, the hosts highlight a typo that was discovered in the EU and UK GDPR, relating to the bottom paragraph of article 28(3) regarding point h. Although this error is not likely to have immediate implications for businesses, it serves as a reminder that even the most robust regulations can contain errors that could potentially cause confusion.

The conversation then turns to the use of CCTV and the implications it has on personal data. While it is widely accepted that CCTV footage can be classified as personal data, the hosts delve deeper into the circumstances under which data collected through CCTV can be considered personal data, and the measures businesses can take to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Finally, the episode features a discussion on a recent pitch on Dragons’ Den that showcased a platform capable of displaying personal data leaks and identifying who has misused or misled individuals about the use of their data. Jasmine and Joe found the innovation to be a fascinating and inspired solution in today’s data-driven world.

Overall, this episode of GDPR Radio provides a valuable insight into the latest developments in data protection compliance. Whether you are a business owner, data protection officer, or simply interested in the topic, be sure to tune in to stay informed on the latest news and opinions from the world of data protection.

Visit our events page and check out future episodes of the podcast, we will return next week for an extra special episode as we are joined by three brilliant hosts, Tracy Pez, Phil Brining and Vicki Lawson who will be sharing their expertise on Records of Processing Activity (RoPAs) and offering top tips on creating and maintaining them. register for next weeks discussion here: Mastering Records of Processing Activity (RoPAs).