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GDPR Radio – Episode 128

Hosted by Jasmine Harrison, Philip Brining and Tristan Mills

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GDPR Radio - Episode - Rob Poster

TikTok, International Transfers and Professor Hackett

Tune in to the latest episode of GDPR Radio on the Data Protection Made Easy podcast!

In Episode 128, our hosts Jasmine Harrison (Account Manager), Tristan Mills (Support Desk Manager), and Philip Brining (Founder and Managing Director) from Data Protection People delved into the fascinating world of data protection news. They explored various topics, including breaches, intriguing cases, emerging technologies, and much more.

Join the discussion as they analyse the ICO’s opinion on privacy information regarding TikTok and delve into the complexities of TikTok’s privacy policy, exploring potential compliance issues. Discover insights from a deep dive into TikTok’s privacy notice and gain valuable knowledge on international data transfers, with a specific focus on the data bridge between the UK and US.

You’ll also hear about an alarming data breach at the University of Manchester, where students received an email notifying them of the exposure of their personal data. Find out the intriguing details, including the curious fact that the hacker responsible was fittingly named Mr. Hacket.

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Data Protection People is a leading data protection consultancy in the UK, offering a comprehensive range of tools and services to simplify complex aspects of data protection. Stay informed, gain valuable insights, and take your data protection knowledge to the next level by tuning in to this captivating episode.

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