GDPR Radio – Episode 134

Hosted by Philip Brining and Tristan Mills

Data Protection Made Easy Episode 135

Faces, Farage and Pseudonymisation

In this week’s episode, our knowledgeable hosts, Phil Brining and Tristan Mills, dive deep into the latest updates in data protection law, recent breaches, fines, and much more. Join us as we discuss the most relevant news of the week and simplify complex data protection topics, making them easy to understand and navigate.

Exploring Unauthorised Apps in the Workplace, Including WhatsApp: A Data Protection Standpoint

One of the key topics covered in this episode is the use of unauthorised apps in the workplace, with a special focus on WhatsApp. While these apps offer convenience in communication, they can pose significant data protection risks. Learn how organisations can address these risks and promote secure communication channels to protect sensitive information.

Facial Recognition and Its Implications on Data Protection

Another crucial discussion in this episode revolves around facial recognition technology and its implications on data protection. We explore the challenges surrounding the use of this technology, data privacy concerns, and the importance of obtaining proper consent when implementing facial recognition systems.

Understanding Personal Data, Pseudonymisation, and Anonymisation

We delve into the fundamental concept of personal data and its categorisation under data protection regulations. Additionally, we demystify the concepts of pseudonymisation and anonymisation, discussing their roles in protecting individual privacy and complying with data protection requirements.

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