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GDPR Radio – Episode 156

Jasmine Harrison, Philip Brining and Joe Kirk

GDPR Radio - Episode 156

Data Protection Made Easy: GDPR Radio – Episode 156 – Voice Recordings & More

Join hosts Phil Brining, Joe Kirk, and Jasmine Harrison for GDPR Radio – Episode 156 as they dive into the latest data protection news and tackle a hot topic: are voice recordings considered special category data under the UK GDPR?

News of the Week:

  • ICO statement on cookies: Websites under scrutiny for unfair tracking practices. Get details on the 30-day compliance deadline and potential consequences.
  • Court of Appeal clarifies FOIA exemptions: Aggregation of public interests for exemptions now lawful, aligning FOIA with EIR.
  • Draft guidance on transparency in health and social care: ICO provides clarity on privacy and transparency information, offering practical examples.

Main Topic: Voice Recordings and the GDPR

  • The debate: Are voice recordings classified as special category data under the UK GDPR, requiring stricter protection?
  • Insights from Phil, Joe, and Jasmine: Delve into the legal nuances, considering various scenarios and potential interpretations.
  • Practical implications: Understand the impact on organizations collecting and processing voice recordings.

Packed with valuable insights:

  • Stay informed on the evolving data protection landscape.
  • Gain expert perspectives on complex topics.
  • Learn practical tips for compliance and data security.

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During this week’s episode of the Data Protection Made Easy podcast Phil Brining mentioned the ICOs notification handbook. Download the ICOs guide here: ICO Notification Handbook

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