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GDPR Radio – Episode 164

Joe Kirk, Jasmine Harrison

Tune in to GDPR Radio – Episode 164 as our hosts delve into the data protection news of the week covering a wide range of intriguing topics.

GDPR Radio - Episode 164

Data Protection Made Easy Podcast: GDPR Radio – Episode 164

Deep Dive into Facial Recognition, Mental Health, and Legal Basis

This week’s episode of the Data Protection Made Easy podcast (GDPR Radio – Episode 164) tackles critical data privacy issues impacting our world today. Join hosts Jasmine Harrison and Joe Kirk as they delve deeper than ever before, offering insights and practical takeaways.

Key Topics Discussed:

Facial Recognition and Bias

Facial recognition technology is rapidly advancing, but concerns linger about potential bias within AI systems. Jasmine and Joe unpack this complex issue, exploring:

    • Real-world examples of facial recognition bias in the news.
    • The impact of biased algorithms on individuals and society.
    • Mitigation strategies to ensure responsible development and deployment of facial recognition technology.

Data Sharing for Mental Health Emergencies

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recently issued new guidance on data sharing in mental health emergencies. This episode dives into:

    • The key takeaways from the ICO’s guidance.
    • Balancing data protection principles with supporting employee well-being during a crisis.
    • Practical tips for organisations on developing a data sharing policy for mental health emergencies.

Lawful Basis for Data Sharing

Jasmine takes a deep dive into a specific case study involving the BearTrue blue app. This case raises important questions about:

    • Identifying the appropriate lawful basis for data sharing in different scenarios.
    • Applying data protection principles to real-world situations.
    • The importance of understanding legal frameworks to ensure data sharing compliance.

Beyond the Headlines:

This episode goes beyond simply summarising the news. Jasmine and Joe use their expertise to:

Expand Your Data Protection Knowledge:

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from data protection experts! This episode equips you with the knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving world of data privacy with confidence.