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GDPR Radio – Episode 174

Joe Kirk, Jasmine Harrison and Philip Brining

Join our hosts Jasmine Harrison, Philip Brining and Joe Kirk as they discuss the data protection news of the week on this weeks’ episode of the Data Protection Made Easy podcast.

GDPR Radio - Episode 174

Episode 174: How Does Your Cookie Crumble

Welcome to Data Protection Made Easy, your one-stop shop for all things data protection and cybersecurity! In this episode, our enthusiastic hosts Jasmine Harrison, Phil Brining, and Joe Kirk, dive into the latest data protection news alongside a live audience. Tune in to this weeks episode titled GDPR Radio – Episode 174 – How Does Your Cookie Crumble.

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This Week’s Hot Topics: Cookies, AI in Healthcare, and More!

Join Jasmine, Phil, and Joe for a lively conversation on the data protection news of the week. This episode delves into the complexities of cookie usage and explores the proper implementation of these ubiquitous tracking tools.

The discussion doesn’t stop there! Our hosts also explore a recent proposal by the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK to utilise AI for physiotherapy consultations. While this advancement holds promise for improved healthcare delivery, it also raises important data privacy considerations.

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Looking Ahead: Challenges and Solutions for Charities with Rebecca Wells

Next week, we’re excited to welcome Rebecca Wells, Data Protection and Information Governance Manager at Sustrans. Rebecca will join us for a special session discussing the unique challenges charities face in adhering to data protection regulations, particularly under tight financial constraints. This episode is a must-listen for anyone working in the non-profit sector, offering practical tips and strategies for achieving data protection compliance on a budget.

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