GDPR Radio – Episode 81 – Public Authorities & Japanese Cookies

Public Authorities & Japanese Cookies

Public Authorities & Japanese Cookies

In this episode of the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast our hosts Oliver Rear and David Holmes join together to discuss the news of the week and share their views and opinions.

In this episode, we speak about the recent announcement from the ICO regarding their response to the Data Reform Bill announced earlier this year. We also speak about the ICO’s Funding Update which allows the ICO to retain a portion of fines from non-compliance with the GDPR.  Our main force for this session was tracking analytics and cookies, if you have an interest in these areas of data protection you are bound to enjoy this week’s episode.

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GDPR Radio is almost 2 years old, we have had an amazing time putting these sessions together and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. We are always looking for new and amazing guest speakers who can bring a level of expertise to the session, particularly in areas of data protection that we have yet to cover. If you don’t want to join as a speaker but would like to hear about a specific area of data protection law, why not reach out to one of the team or send in your topic idea via the contact page and we will decide whether it is something that would benefit our audience.

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