GDPR Radio: Episode 89

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Airbnb And Phishing For Paychecks

Tune in to this week’s episode of the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast (GDPR Radio: Episode 89) as our hosts Oliver Rear and David Holmes join our growing community of Data Protection Practitioners to discuss the news of the week, share their views and opinions with our listeners. The focus of this week’s session was Airbnb, Phishing Attacks and Facial Recognition.

We built the Data Protection Made Easy community to create a space where practitioners could feel heard, sharing their challenges and frustrations and the solutions they used to overcome them. As well as discussing the news of the week, we also open up the floor to any questions from our listeners, helping them to overcome challenges and sharing advice. Next week’s session will focus on the top ten queries received by the support desk. 

Our hosts have seen every challenge imaginable in every industry. Our Support Desk has received a record number of enquiries over the last 6 months and we’re been busier than ever. In next week’s session, our hosts will share insights from our Support Desk and discuss the common challenges faced by Data Protection Practitioners. Further details and joining information can be found here: