GDPR Radio – Episode 97

Hosted by Oliver Rear and David Holmes

Farewell Oliver Rear

It was with a heavy heart that we announced the departure of Oliver Rear from Data Protection People last Friday. Oliver has been with DPP for over 3 and a half years and had been incredibly impactful throughout his time here. One of his most notable achievements during his time with Data Protection People was his command over the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast. Oliver has been vital to the growth of our amazing community. When he took on the role as the main host of the podcast we only had 20 subscribers. Two years later and almost a hundred hours of discussion later and we now have over 1000 subscribers from a wide range of backgrounds and a community of individuals who all have shared goals and values.

What separates the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast and community from others in our industry is the ability our hosts have in simplifying complex data protection law and making it accessible and understandable by all, Oliver was particularly good at making this translation and allowed our conversations to reach a new audience while still remaining relevant and informative to those within our community.

Here’s what some of our staff had to say about working with Oli:

Jasmine Harrison:

Anyone who has worked at, or with, DPP know Oli’s impact on all areas of the business. He’s been a huge factor in my progression here and it won’t be the same without him.

Zara Turner:

Working with Oli for the past year has been an amazing experience. Together we have bonded through the struggles and demands of data protection; mainly speaking, Friday afternoon data breaches! Oli was first described to me as being a ‘sponge of knowledge’ which (after a substantial amount of time working with Oli) I can certainly confirm is the case. Oli’s ability to speak on a vast array of topics ranging from the evolution of the English language to the continuing expanse of the universe to the best places to eat out in Leeds (all in addition to his wealth of knowledge on data protection) are all evidence of this. I can therefore not speak highly enough of my time working with Oli, trying to absorb every crumb of wisdom that he provides me with. Life at DPP will certainly not be the same without Oli and his ‘fun’ facts and stories, I know for sure that the Support Desk (and wider organisation) will all agree with me on this. I wish Oli the absolute best in his future, although I am certain that he will go on to achieve great things regardless of this.

David Hendry: 

Oli has been with DPP for 3.5 years, almost half the time we have been trading, and it has been absolutely fantastic to see him grow and develop into the rounded consultant, leader and person he is today.  It has been brilliant working with him and I am certain he will continue to go from strength to strength in his new role