The Housing Reform Bill And The Impact On Data Protection

Hosted by Charlotte Hogg featuring special guest, Becky Tucker, Founder at House of Risk.

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The Housing Reform Bill And The Impact On Data Protection

In this episode of the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast, our host Charlotte Hogg is joined by the Founder at House of Risk, Becky Tucker who joined Char to discuss one of the biggest challenges currently facing the Housing Sector … The Housing Reform Bill.

Both Char and Becky have extensive experience working in the housing sector and have a combined experience of almost 20 years. Together the duo shared insights on the housing sector, taking a look back at negative outcomes due to poor data management and looking forward to what the sector holds for Data Protection Practitioners, sharing their opinion on the changes that need to be made.

Charlotte works here at Data Protection People as a consultant, predominantly focused on our Housing clients, she has a wide understanding of the sector and has seen every challenge imaginable. One of the key comments she receives from our clients is that they often feel there is a lack of community in the Housing sector, searching for an answer to a complex question or query can be extremely tedious, especially considering there will be people in similar roles who have dealt with that exact issue. Char found that our clients were reaching out and using support time for simple queries and questions and decided to create an online forum to navigate this issue, Data Protection People now have the ‘Data Protection In Housing Forum’ which is a safe space for practitioners to ask any kind of question related to the Housing sector. No question is too simple or too complex, we came to create a forum of like-minded individuals who are all passionate about supporting one another. Click on the group logo below to be taken to the forum.

As always, this session is accessible on a wide range of platforms listen in on Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, IHeart Radio and plenty more. If you would like to join us LIVE on future episodes of the podcast where you are able to unmute and join in the conversation or make use of the chat that runs alongside the discussion, why not visit our events page and sign up for any of our future episodes? Our live sessions are completely free to join and anyone is welcome to get involved. Data Protection Made Easy is designed to support our growing community, whether you are a student trying to get your foot in the door and upskill or you are an experienced consultant with 10 years of experience, we hope to bring valuable content to our entire audience.

Thank you to our amazing host Charlotte Hogg, click here and connect with her on LinkedIn. Special thanks to our brilliant guest speaker Becky Tucker, please make sure to connect with Becky on LinkedIn and check out House of Risk who are one of our partners. We will shortly be hosting a conference for the housing sector in collaboration with House of Risk and another partner 3C Consulting. Make sure to join our housing group linked below to keep up to date with new events and changes in the sector.

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