Mastering Data Retention

Hosed by Tristan Mills, Joe Kirk and Jasmine Harrison.

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Click on the player above and tune into this week’s episode of the Data Protection Made Easy podcast. On this episode, titled ‘Mastering Data Retention – When to Keep and When to Let Go,’ our hosts Tristan Mills, Jasmine Harrison, and Joe Kirk engaged with a live audience of over 100 data protection practitioners and enthusiasts. Before diving into the topic of data retention, the hosts discussed four leading news stories in the data protection and cybersecurity landscape, sharing their expert opinions. If you missed this engaging episode, fear not! You can always join us live on future podcast episodes to participate in thoughtful conversations, network with like-minded individuals, and ask direct questions to our hosts.

Leading News Stories

NHS Ambulance Trusts’ Data Protection Woes After Cyberattack:

The cyberattack on Swedish health tech company Ortivus affected two NHS ambulance services in England, leading to significant data protection challenges. Robust cybersecurity measures in healthcare facilities were highlighted as crucial to safeguarding patient data and ensuring uninterrupted care.

Meta’s Subsidiaries Fined $20 Million Over Misleading Ads:

Facebook owner Meta’s subsidiaries, Facebook Israel and Onavo Inc, faced a hefty fine for misleading advertisements related to the Onavo Protect security app. This case emphasised the importance of transparent data usage policies to maintain user trust.

Apple’s Warning Over UK Surveillance Law Changes:

Apple expressed concerns about proposed changes to British surveillance laws, potentially affecting user privacy and leading to service withdrawals in the UK. The balance between government oversight, security updates, and encryption raised pertinent data protection questions.

Nigel Farage and the Growing Trend in Subject Access Requests:

Subject Access Requests (SARs) have seen a surge in usage, especially in work disputes and by public figures. The power of SARs in obtaining crucial information was emphasised, but organisations also face the challenge of balancing data transparency and privacy rights.

Key Takeaways on Data Retention:

Following the news segment, our hosts delved into the topic of data retention, starting from the basics and moving on to explore key challenges faced by organisations:

Understanding Data Retention:

The hosts emphasised the significance of understanding data retention policies and regulations. Businesses must identify what data they hold, where it’s stored, and for how long it should be retained.

Compliance with GDPR:

Data retention must align with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. Organisations need to implement proper data protection measures to ensure compliance and avoid potential fines.

Balancing Business Needs and Legal Requirements:

Data retention policies must strike a balance between meeting business needs and fulfilling legal obligations. Striving for minimalism in data retention can streamline processes and enhance data security.

Secure Data Destruction:

Proper data destruction is equally important to data retention. When data is no longer required, it must be securely and permanently erased to avoid unauthorised access.

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