Ransomware Attacks – Protection & Prevention

Protection & Prevention

Ransomware Attacks: Protection & Prevention

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We are hosted this episode of the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast in collaboration with Liam Follin from Dark Invader an organisation that offers dark web monitoring and human OSINT research to find stolen and leaked data on the Dark Web and Gavin Watson from Pentest People who are one of the UK’s leading providers of penetration testing services.

Our first guest Liam is a skilled systems architect who has a passion for coding as well as a keen interest in digital security. Liam works for Dark Invader which is at the forefront of Dark Web Monitoring technology. He works across three organisations, Trust Leeds, Pentest People and Dark Invader ultimately developing various offerings that help those wanting to protect their business,

Our second guest Gavin is a highly skilled and driven security consultant with over 15 years of experience identifying vulnerabilities in the networks, devices, applications, and business processes of a variety of high-profile clients. He has a passion for social engineering and physical intrusion techniques and is a published author on the subjects. However, his current focus is on driving innovation at Pentest People, developing their award-winning SecurePortal and SecureGateway products.

In this session we covered:
• What is Ransomware.
• Why should you care about ransomware?
• What tools can you use to help fight Ransomware.
• What happens in the event of a ransomware attack.
• Creating an incident response plan
• Immutability and cyber Insurance.
• Protection and prevention

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